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The Beginning

Ilse Visser and Judith … founded Undutchables in 1996 in an Attic in Amstelveen. At that time, of course recruitment Agencies existed, but they saw the need for an international recruitment agency in the Netherlands, with Undutchables being the first official agency for internationals.

In 1998 they moved office to Amsterdam. This was also Undutchables’ first year hosting the infamous Eurovision Song Contest Party. The party that would go on for years and make it’s name amongst employees, candidates and clients alike.


When creating Undutchables, Ilse and Judith probably never realized that they were making more than just an agency. They have managed to create a community and a tight knit family of employees. The family culture that they have nursed endures to this day.


a long way from home

In the early 2000s co-founder Judith passed away from breast cancer. The whole organization felt the loss. Ilse Visser, with the support of then General Manager Paula Verstappen, continues to work hard to keep their vision alive. Undutchables experienced an immense growth in the 2000s and opened 4 new offices in Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Utrecht and the Hague. The company even went international with Undutchables London opening their doors in London, Southampton street. That is the year, however, that the economy came crashing down and forced the company to close their doors. But just as the saying goes, when one door closes another opens. And it did.

2010 2

A new age

With a strong team and fueled by Undutchables’ 4 core principles (partner, enterprising, personal touch and expertise) Unudtchables has continued to maintain prominence in the (international) recruitment industry.

2017 - A new door opened

In the beginning of 2017 Eindhoven colleague, Karin Bjorkman moved back to Sweden and she took a piece of Undutchables with her and founded Undutchables in Stockholm. And so Undutchables Sweden was born.

Great people make great companies

Meet the people who have helped build Undutchables into the organization it is now. Ingrained with the true essence of what the company stands for, our seasoned workers continue to share their knowledge ....

Undutchables' Songfestivals - a journey through time

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