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What makes an international experience indispensable when job searching?

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Do you recognize the feeling that your international experience brings you so much more than only knowledge of a new language, an international network and the understanding of how international business works? Do you also find it difficult to pinpoint what the added value of your international experience exactly is, for example in a job interview with a recruiter?

Adam Galinski, a scientist working with Columbia University, has conducted over 25 studies on international experiences and the effects on job performance. These studies have unambiguous results, showing that international experience increases creativity at work, reduces inter-group biases and promotes career success.

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In one of his latest studies Galinksi shows that international experience leads to a clearer sense of self. If you have traveled you reflect more on what is truly part of your identity and what reflects your cultural upbringing. The idea of self-concept clarity has positive effects on your well-being, how well you can cope with stress and your job performance. Moreover, the length of time you have lived abroad is more important than the number of foreign countries you have lived in. Galinski concludes that going far from home can lead one closer to the self, with implications for significant life decisions.

So… find out what you have learned through your international experience and use this information to stand out as an expat with talent recruiters!

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