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At the Undutchables annual HR event you may choose upfront which workshop you would like to attend. Please read the information and select the desired workshop during registration below.

Workshop 1: From Passion to ‘GRIT’

New scientific evidence shows that the best way to have pesonal success is to combine your passion for your work with a lot of (long term) determination and perseverance. This is called ‘Grit’. We all experience setbacks in our lives which can have an impact on our passion for our work or other life’s obligations. The question is, how can an individual sustain his or her energy and one’s commitment to personal goals in times of uncertainty and adversity.

In an interactive workshop Gyuri Vergouw will lead us through defining our passions, finding ways to build on our strengths, (re)discovering our passion in difficult times, and finding ways to strengthen our determination and commitment to achieve personal success.

Gyuri Vergouw MSc MMC is a Dutch-Hungarian management consultant, supervisor and writer with over 30 years of consultancy and management experience.

Gyuri Vergouw

He has served over 100 clients worldwide, ranging from multinationals to several governmental Departments, SME’s, cultural organisations as well as NGO’s. He has published over 500 articles on management as well as 11 books, including Commitment (Dutch only) and Het labyrint van de ziel (English version The Labyrinth of the Soul available by the end of June 2022). In the latter book, he describes the journey of a businessman who has lost his passion for life and work but wants to rediscover his inner passion. By going through a personal transformation he rediscovers his inner strength and finds a new, happy and successful life.

The workshop consists of short presentations, validated questionnaires, and discussion.

Ernst Schipper

Workshop 2: A crash course in employer branding

Passion. Almost all companies either say their employees are passionate or that they put passion in their product or service. It is also a word that has hardly any meaning for people outside your organization. In this session you will learn how to create an employer value proposition (EVP) and bring this passion to life!

We will do a crash course employer branding and I will show you how to create a compelling employer brand based on an EVP. Lots of interaction and practical examples.

Ernst Schipper is an experienced employer brand and company culture consultant. I support organizations in adding meaning to their unique company culture and employer brand.

During my years as an independent consultant, I worked with renowned international companies like, BCG, Philips, FrieslandCampina, Fugro and companies in scale up mode like, GetYourGuide and Backbase.

I am a firestarter: either setting up/scale the employer branding function or bring culture/employer brand to the next level. I believe companies are as good as the stories that their employees tell. An original thinker, high energy, result driven professional and able to make organizations embrace their people (brand). Used to working from tactical to C-suite level. I come from an international family and have been working internationally since I started my own company 12 years ago.

Workshop 3: Generations@work

At this moment we are faced with 5 generations on the workfloor! Baby boomers, Generation X, Pragmatics, Generation Y & Generation Z. The different generations have specific qualities, drivers and their own unique vision of work. The older generations are result-oriented, used to hierarchy and loyal to their employer. Younger generations have are more fluid perspective on work and think in terms of a flexible career path. Freedom, personal development and impact are essential aspects of work.

In this workshop Kim Jansen introduce us to the 5 generations in the workplace. Which generations and generational differences are we dealing with? How do we unleash the passion of the different generations? What does the young generation need in order to excel? In times of a hot labour market and job-hopping youngsters, it is not easy to recruit and maintain talent.

Kim Jansen

In this workshop you will gain insight, concrete tips and make the translation to your own work situation and organization. Dive into the world of generations!

Kim Jansen is social psychologist and has always worked in HR, research and coaching. Whilst working with Millennials she became fascinated by this unique generation. Gradually Kim developed into an expert on the theme Generations. She currently gives keynote presentations, workshops and masterclasses on Generational Diversity and the way to apply and use Generation Management. Kim helps organizations build bridges and create cross generational inclusion. With the higher goal of working towards an energetic, healthy and future-proof organization.

Presented by Kim Jansen, trainer @ The Young Workforce

Customers will never love your company until the employees love it first

Simon Sinek

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