Paula Verstappen

General Manager
+31 (0)20 345 51 04

"Who stops to make mistakes, stops learning"

Paula has been the Undutchables General Manager since 2002 and is the driving force of our company. After all these years she still comes to work every day full of enthusiasme and energy. Paula supports the welfare of animals in her spare time and loves to go to Scandinavia on holidays with her husband in their campervan. 

Ilse Visser

+31 (0)20 34 55 104

"Every problem has a solution... If it hasn't then it's not a problem"

A co-founder of Undutchables, Ilse is the motivating, problem solving pillar of Undutchables. The Undutchables team is her pride and joy. Ilse’s personal goal also includes contributing to (small)changes in the world by actively helping charities.

Hasni van Deursen

+31 (0)20 345 51 04

"Be positive…not because everything is good but because you can see the good in everything, hakuna matata"

Our well organized and focused Secretary thinks two steps ahead in performing her tasks. She loves solving problems and believes that everybody deserves a chance. Hasni enjoys exploring other cultures and culinary experiences through travelling. The world is full of wonderful people and surprises! 

Kirsten Jansen

Marketing Communication Manager
+31 (0)70 711 83 00

"Sing as if no one can hear you"

Being energetic, creative and verbally-strong Kirsten is the chief of our marketing department. With her strong organisational and planning skills she easily runs multiple projects/events all at once. Kirsten is a true family person who loves to spend time with her young daughter and enjoys the great food her husband prepares. 

Iris Klapwijk

Office Assistant
+31 (0)70 711 83 00

"My favorite thing is to go somewhere I've never been"

Iris is a busy bee, who likes to explore the world with just her back-pack. Working with internationals makes her feel right at home at Undutchables. Iris combines her office assistant role with supporting the marketing department. She designs posts, searches for the most interesting topics and shares them with you on our Social media channels. With her sharp eye and enthusiasm Iris is willing to go the extra mile to support her colleagues.

Koen Knoop

Recruitment Consultant
+31 (0)70 711 83 00

"The key to success is to start before you’re ready"

Koen is our commercially oriented recruitment consultant of the The Hague/Rotterdam office. His strong networking skills and an open way of communication make him easy to approach and he is always willing to take on any additional tasks. Koen has a glass half full perspecitve and has the ability to bring a smile on everyone's face. In his spare time he loves to ride his motorcycle and does volunteering work.

Emanuela Mol

Recruitment Consultant
+31 (0)40 237 33 95

"Do it with passion or not at all"

With her Italian/Dutch roots Emanuela is a bubbly Recruitment Consultant. Her international background and her academic background in Human Resources ensure that Emanuela feels very much at home at Undutchables. She enjoys working with people from different cultures and backgrounds on a daily basis. At the Eindhoven office there’s never a dull moment and besides working hard there’s a lot of room for laughter too, which she finds very important in a job. All this combined ensures that she leaves work with a smile every day.

Nick van der Dussen

Commercial Manager
+31 (0) 70 711 8300

"Never give up on the things that make you smile"

Our commercial manager, Nick has over 18 years of recruitment experience and enjoys creating solid recruitment solutions for and together with companies. He values a sense of humor and loves a good (practical) joke, enjoys walking his dog, music, soccer and cars. 

Katja Heurkens - Grunewald

Branch Manager
+31 (0)70 711 83 00

"The highest form of bliss is living with a certain degree of folly"

Katja has been working at Undutchables since 2006 and is a dedicated and enthusiastic Recruitment Consultant in the The Hague/Rotterdam team. She enjoys making a difference to her candidates and clients with her professional-personal touch. Katja loves having a good laugh with her colleagues in the office, and enjoys good food. Originally from Berlin she is an Undutchable herself. Together with her husband she loves to travel and see the world, and hopes to own a cat one day.

Silvia Kooijmans

Recruitment Consultant
+31 (0)70 711 83 00

"Speak in such a way that others love to listen to you. Listen in such a way that others love to speak with you"

Silvia is our Italian/Dutch recruiter in the The Hague office. Thanks to her strong listening skills and meticoulus way of working Silvia is able to find the perfect job for her candidates within a blink of an eye. She enjoys good weather, design knitwear and makes a mean Nutella cheesecake for her colleagues. Even though she is from Bologna, please do not ask her how to make bolognaise, she has no idea. This girl is solely available for dessert questions. 

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