Marjan Stoit to be event guest speaker at Werf&Live

Undutchables' very own Commercial Manager, Marjan Stoit, will be featured as a guest speaker at an upcoming event being hosted by our partner, Werf&. Their annual Werf&Live recruitment event will be focused on "Magic" within the recruitment world, and if you ask us, there is nothing like international recruitment to add a bit of magic to your recruitment strategy.

With the changing market, the recruitment landscape for this year has already undergone quite a few adjustments. Keeping up with the quickly changing rules and regulations to ensure that you are complying with HR laws and requirements can be challenging, especially if your company is operating internationally. 

Our own expert, Marjan Stoit, works with various companies daily, from large global corporations to small local companies, to discover the best recruitment solutions for them. With her firsthand market experience and over 23 years of expertise and knowledge in the ever-changing recruitment world Marjan is well-equipped to act as a guide to help you and your company adjust to the new labour laws and preferred HR practices of the 2024 international labour market in the Netherlands. 

As a guest speaker at Werf&Live, Marjan will share her expertise and knowledgeable insights in a workshop titled, "De magie van internationale werving in een krappe arbeidsmarkt" ("The Magic of International Recruitment in a Tight Labour Market"). 

In her workshop you will: 

  • Gain insight into the current market and where you can find international talent 
  • How you can make your company stand out in the market to attract international talent
  • How to retain international talent within your organization
  • The benefits that deploying a diverse and inclusive team brings to your organization

Order your ticket today to join Marjan and other industry experts for the magic of Werf&Live on Tuesday, May 28th from 9:30-17:30 CET. 

Please note: This event will be mainly in Dutch. 

If you are interested in getting in touch with Marjan for more tailored insights into the labour market and how international recruitment can benefit your company you can reach out to her here.


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