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If you cannot work due to illness you have to call the company first thing in the morning between 8.30 and 9.00 am to let them know. You also have to contact Undutchables by phone between 9.00 and 9.30 am as we must register you officially sick with the Arbodienst (FlexCom4).

After we have registered you at the Arbodienst (FlexCom4) they will always give you a check up call to see how you are doing. Together with the Arbodienst (FlexCom4) you will determine the date you plan to be back at work. If you are feeling better and ready to go back to work sooner or you are still sick on the discussed date, you will have to inform the Arbodienst (FlexCom4) yourself, please contact them on the following number: 024-3741 666 and do not forget to inform us as well. Please read the inspection rules carefully.


Your first two sick days are not covered, but as from the third day onwards, 91% of your salary is paid by the Arbodienst (FlexCom4). You will receive a small compensation for the second sick day. This compensation partly covers this day and is already part of your regular salary.


Because of the Dutch Flexibility and Security Law, a temporary employee's contract ends the moment the temporary employee becomes ill. Once you are feeling better, you can resume your work with the company, but this is officially seen as a new contract.

According to Dutch law, a fourth contract with the same company (an agency) must be an indefinite contract. If you have been reported ill twice during your temporary contract with a company, you should be aware that you now have entered your fourth contract. Please bear this in mind whenever you report yourself ill, as this may influence whether the employer will hire you in the future.

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