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Preparing for an interview

Here are some useful tips on preparing for an interview. Some of these tips might be obvious; others might be new to you and differ from how interviews are conducted in your own country. If we arrange a company interview for you, you will receive more information on this topic. Good luck!

  • Know the interviewer’s title and full name (and be able to pronounce it correctly) as well as the place and time of the interview.
  • Do some research into the company’s products and services, its present and future growth.
  • Refresh your memory on the facts and figures of your present employer and former employers. You will be expected to know a lot about the company you previously worked for.
  • Prepare the questions you intend to ask during the interview. The interview is about input and feedback from both you and the interviewer. If you ask the right questions, you can find out if the company has the opportunity you seek.
  • Arrive on time (very important in the Netherlands)!

Do's and dont's during an interview:


The dress code is formal business wear. Although the Dutch tend to dress informally, an applicant should always be formally dressed (it’s better to be overdressed). Be aware of your body language. Here’s what communication experts say:

10% of our communication is what you say

30% is represented by tone

60% is body language.

Look a prospective employer in the eye when you talk to him or her (Western culture). Relate your background and skills to the position.


Do not answer with a simple yes or no, or go into too much detail either. Do not make negative remarks about your present or former employers. Do not inquire about salary or other remuneration during your first interview. Do not be offended if asked about your private life (employers search for long-term commitment). Do not lie; answer questions truthfully.


Preparation is essential if you want to perform well at a job interview
Know yourself!
Know the job.
Know the organisation (do your research).
Know the questions.
Know the do's and dont's.
It's not what you say that counts; it's how you say it!

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