Travel expenses

The company you are working can offer to cover the travel expenses,you make travelling from home to work and vice versa each day.

If the company you are working for covers travel expenses, then these need to be reimbursed via the digital timesheet.

Some companies pay a fixed amount per worked day, if this is negotiated upfront, we will make sure you get this amount paid every week.

Public transport

An overview of the travel history needs to be added to your digital timesheet. If this form has not been added to the timesheet, we cannot reimburse your travel expenses.

Please ensure you obtain a personalised OV Chip card. With a personalised OV Chip card you are able to print out an overview of your weekly travel to and from work. This overview is accessible online. Please make sure that you register and apply for the online transaction overview before you use the card. After signing up for a My OV-chip card account, please activate the account within 48 hours. Once you click on the link in the confirmation email, your account will be activated. Then click on ‘transaction overview’ and request access to this overview. Do you already have a My OV-chip card account? Please log in and click on the ‘transaction overview’ and request access to this overview. Once My OV-chip card receives your permission, your transactions will appear in the overview.


If you are commuting to work by car, you will receive a compensation per kilometer. Before you start working for us we will calculate the amount of kilometers you can get reimbursed based on the shortest route to and from work with the ANWB route planner.

When filling in you hours, you can fill in this amount in the 'travel expenses per KM' field. Please only submit your travel expenses for the days you have actually commuted to work as your supervisor would need to approve these too. If on a specific day you work from home, please do not fill in this field (leave it blank).

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