Preparing for a Video interview

In order to save money and time on travelling, companies are taking advantage of the virtual power of video communication. Virtual meetings allow HR managers to “meet” you and see how you present yourself on appearance and interpersonal communication skills.

Virtual meetings offer a way to create a great first impression. You want to take your video interview seriously and make every effort to treat it like a real interview that captures the interviewer's attention.

Tips for a successful Video interview:

  • Treat a video interview as a real face-to-face interview and create a great first impression.
  • Be yourself – relax, smile, and let your personality show through.
  • Practice on video before the interview. Practice making eye contact with the camera. One trick is to tape a photo of somebody next to the web-cam lens.
  • Speak slowly and clearly. Try to eliminate all potential noise (barking dogs, ringing telephones).
  • Create a background that is neat and professional.
  • Check lighting so it is adequate and not too bright which will close down the iris on the webcam. Place lights in a position that illuminates your face without shadows.
  • Be sure to sit up and maintain a straight posture.
  • Dress for success as if it were an in-person interview
  • Prepare the questions you would like to ask and the answers on the most common interview questions (your motivation and your strong and weak points).

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