Presenting yourself on Social Media

Social Media has become an inevitable tool for recruiting personnel. Your profile on Social Media can have a major impact on your job opportunities. You should be aware of how you present yourself on social media and consider making your online profile as attractive to potential employers as possible. In this fast-paced technology era, social media has made networking easier than ever. But using social media for your professional pursuits can be overwhelming. For starters, which of the many available platforms should you use? And how can you make sure that the image you portray online is going to help you find a job? Not to mention, figuring out how to use LinkedIn effectively. 

These are a couple of tips and things to consider when presenting yourself online.

1. Have an updated profile

When presenting yourself on social media with the goal of finding your next job, make sure your profile is complete with your most relevant information listed. When using LinkedIn to identify career opportunities remember to include your complete employment history.

2. Optimize your profiles

You need to make sure that your social profile matches the image that you want to convey to employers. Your profile picture is the first thing employers notice when opening your profile. Start with a professional profile image. A simple headshot with a business casual attire is fine. It is important that you look put-together and committed.

3. Over-sharing and privacy settings

There really is such a thing as sharing too much information. The vast majority of employers look through candidates’ social media profile as part of their hiring process. To keep your personal and professional life separate use the privacy settings on the different social media platforms. This way you can choose what type of content you can share with your friends and family whilst keeping your profile professional for possible employment opportunities.

4. Be respectful

A lot can be said about you by how you act on social media. Be polite and respectful in your posts and the way you interact with others, even during heated discussions. Don’t make insulting or discriminatory remarks about anyone.

5. Network

The advantage of social media as a job searching tool is that you are able to communicate with people you wouldn’t be able to meet in real life. Follow trends that are related to your industry or interest you. Build your network and interact with like-minded people you can learn from. You can also make sure people know that you are currently looking for work (but again don’t overdo it).

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