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Undutchables has a great deal of experience within the HR field and wishes to share that with organizations seeking help or advice on the subject. Whether it is drafting job profiles, onboarding, setting up an assessment system or just discussing topics regarding strategic HR management, a lot is possible.

The services that Undutchables offers can be made operational in accordance to your business’ needs. This can be done in project form for a certain duration, but it can also be implemented in the form of a punch card, with the possibility to buy extra time should more HR-related matters arise that need solving.

Our services are tailor-made and fully customized to your organization’s needs. We offer a free quick scan of your HR needs. This analysis is used to assess how we can be of help to you. As it is a personalized service, an introductory meeting is the best way to discuss our services and the HR solutions you require.

We have made a careful selection of highly experienced HR professionals with each their own unique expertise. Let us know what your HR needs are and we will schedule a meeting to discuss how we can be of help to you.

Meet our team of HR experts

Olga Boezaard

Quick facts about Olga Boezaard

  • Olga Boezaard is an HR professional with many years of experience within different roles in HR and change processes in several types of businesses.
  • She is skilled in her ability of improving people’s performances and (collaboration) processes.
  • As a coach Olga Boezaard takes a direct but warm approach and guides people in their personal development and encourages them to shape their careers in such a way that fits with their motives.

Bjorn Boek

Quick facts about Bjorn Boek

  • Bjorn Boek is a professional with over 17 years of experience within the HR field; prominently focused on the international aspect of it in a (Sr) HR Business Partner role. He is pro-active, with a no-nonsense mentality.
  • Bjorn is a change agent and enables change to happen within any team or organization, whilst encouraging optimization and growth.
  • After identifying the organizations’ key HR needs, he is able to design and implement a supportive HR Model to contribute to the strategy and result of an organization.

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