No exemption applies

When no exemptions apply, the employer must follow standard procedures and fulfill these work permit requirements:

  • The employer must recruit first in the Netherlands and Europe.
  • The vacancy should be reported to UWV Werkbedrijf at least five weeks prior to submitting a work permit application.
  • The employment benefits should be in accordance with Dutch law and the foreign national employee must earn at least the Dutch minimum wage.
  • The foreign national employee must have a valid Dutch residence permit or must apply for one.
  • The foreign national employee must reside in the Netherlands.
  • The foreign national employee must be older than 18 years.

These requirements make obtaining a work permit difficult. The employer must prove that the company could not find a suitable employee in Europe. Even for jobs that are hard to fill, the employer must spend three months actively recruiting in Europe and must also prove that the vacancy has been advertised and suitable candidates have not been found. The normal work permit procedure entails at least ten weeks; in reality it may take up to six months.

Please note that you apply to the company directly. This is not the case with recruitment agencies such as Undutchables, since we are not a formal employer. Most companies seek candidates who can start work immediately. The standard procedure for work permit applications can take up to six months and companies do not want to wait that long. Should a company obtain a work permit for you, please bear in mind that this work permit is bound to the position and the company. Should you stop working for that company; the permit will no longer be valid.

For more information, please visit the IND website.

Please note that Undutchables cannot help you obtain a work permit.

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