Working for a recruitment agency

In the Netherlands, people often use the services of a specialised recruitment agency to help them find the perfect job. Recruitment agencies have expertise in selection procedures, setting up contracts, negotiating remunerations, and have good contacts with employers.

Almost all Dutch companies use the help of an agency to find suitable staff. Most Dutch agencies are members of an employer's federation (ABU or NBBU). These ensure that good employee benefits are provided under the Collective Labour Agreement for Temporary Workers (CAO). Recruitment agencies are free of charge to candidates who register with them.

Dutch recruitment agencies do more than simply ‘push CVs’. An experienced recruiter in the Netherlands can help you prepare your job interviews and assist you in the application procedure.

In the Netherlands, companies want to hire employees who fit their company culture. A good match between the employee and employer is essential, both for the employer and employee. Agencies pay attention to the work attitude, mentality and cultural background of a candidate just as much as they do to the candidate’s language and professional skills. Companies often rely on the professional opinion of a recruiter, being a great asset in the introduction process.

When a recruitment agency has found you the perfect job:

  • you might be offered a contract directly with the company
  • you might be offered a secondment agreement (detachering)
  • you might be offered a temporary placement.

During temporary placement, an employee receives a temporary contract. Companies often use them for a trial period before offering you an actual contract with the company.

For projects or replacement during maternity leave or long-term illness, detachering (secondment agreement) can offer the job security needed for a certain period.

Working via a recruitment agency means that you have a contract with the agency, but are actually working for another company. The recruitment agency is your formal employer and pays your salary. The CAO ensures you good employee benefits...

Undutchables is specialised in office jobs such as administration, secretarial work, commerce, finance, IT and logistics. All candidates should have an excellent knowledge of their own language plus a good command of English. Our vacancies range from beginner’s positions to executive level. Unfortunately, we cannot help foreigners who wish to work in production and cleaning, but we might be able to provide you with addresses of other agencies, which do.

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