Living in the Netherlands

Have you just arrived in the Netherlands and are you looking for some practical information on living in the Netherlands? Please click on the links below.

Dutch language courses

Undutchables specialises in finding you the right job, in which Dutch is not required. Though, while living in the Netherlands, we assume you would like to learn the Dutch language or perhaps want to improve other language skills. Please find here various options. Good luck! (Veel succes!)


Finding reasonably priced housing in large Dutch cities, especially Amsterdam and Utrecht, can be difficult. Besides searching through newspapers (check out the Wednesday papers) or asking your friends for tips, housing agencies may be able to help you. We highly recommend the following service providers.

Relocation Services

Planning to move to the Netherlands but you don't no where to start or how to move your whole family along. Consider making use of a relocation service. They are more than happy to help you.

Financial services

In need of any financial advice, or do you need help with your tax registration or other financial issues? Please find a selection of financial service companies we recommend.


Moving to the Netherlands is a big step especially when you move with your children to a new country. All children between the ages of five and 18 years are obliged to attend school.

Health Care

Becoming sick in an unfamiliar country can be terrifying. Luckily, The Netherlands has a great healthcare system. All adults in the Netherlands are required to have basic insurance to be able to live and work here. Find here the health care professionals that we recommend.

International Communities

Moving to another country is a big step. Especially if you don't know anyone in the new country of residence. Fortunately in the Netherlands there are international communities open to inform new-comers about the new country. Make the leap by immersing yourself in one of the following online platforms.


In need of any legal advise? We highly recommend the following lawyers who can help you out with all your legal questions.

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