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0-25%: You have made your first steps into becoming an Undutchable! You prefer either walking or driving to work and try to avoid cycling as much as possible. In addition to this, you are still uncertain about Dutch cuisine as a cheese sandwich is not your idea of a healthy breakfast and lets not even get started on the deep fried meat snacks of dubious origin. We are sure that by practice and patience your taste buds will adapt to the Dutch palette!

The launch of an Undutchable
25-49%: You crave eggs& bacon for breakfast and stick to one kiss on the cheek when greeting someone. Even though you do not dislike a nice cheese platter you prefer to go for the bag of chips if you can when snacking. Whenever ‘spring’ comes around in the Netherlands you are prepared for torrential rain and never leave the house without your warm jacket. Furthermore, when it rains there is no way you are getting on a bike and you get into the car to visit your friend, even if it is only a 5 minute cycle down the road.

On the road to being an Undutchable
50-74%: You consider the great public transportation systems one of the best things of living in the Netherlands! You may not yet be on the level whereby you're giving your friends three kisses on the cheek, but a friendly and happy hello always seems to do the trick. However, you are not used to the strict adherence to time in the Netherlands, when meeting you count on a 10 minute leverage, be it early or late. You are slowly adapting to being an Undutchable and are enjoying getting to know all about this new culture you have found yourself in.

A true Undutchable
75-100%: Cycling through the rain, going out to nightclubs in dirty sneakers, being five minutes early for an appointment, it is hardly surprising people often think you were born and raised in the Netherlands. You can therefore call yourself a true Undutchable! You enjoy sitting in a circle at birthday parties, you discuss the weather about 40 times a day with your colleagues, as soon as the sun comes out you can be found on a terrace soaking it all up while drinking a glass of wine. The true sign of being an Undutchable though? You have a birthday calendar hanging in your toilet so that you have a daily reminder of the upcoming birthdays.

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