10 Things That Make A Successful HR Professional

Human resources is an essential part of any business. HR personnel are responsible for ensuring development of employees and organizations; and, they can be found at various levels (i.e. entry-level, training managers, Chief HR Officer, etc.).

So, if you want to get into this profession, then you must possess the following 10 traits that make a successful HR professional:

  1. Good Organization

For HR professionals, no stone is left unturned. In fact, these people tend to have a lot on their plate, and make sure that everything they encounter is accounted for. That’s why it’s important for an HR pro to stay organized. Why? Because normally, HR is pulled in so many directions and interrupted throughout the day that they have to switch gears at any given notice.

So, your best bet is to stay organized. You can do so by doing the following:

  • Create to-do lists
  • Invest in sticky notes
  • · Have task management software
  • Effective Communication

HR professionals have to communicate with anyone and everyone. Having great communication skills allows you to communicate effectively with candidates you’re interviewing, coworkers and team members that you’re working with in the office, and when sharing ideas and decisions made. Communication helps you tackle any obstacle that you might face in your day-to-day schedule.

  1. Ability To Lead By Example

Most HR professionals possess remarkable leadership skills that they’re highly effective in the work environment. In other words, people want to look up to a “people’s person” – someone that isn’t afraid to lead whenever a problem arises. In essence, HR pros tend to find joy in helping the people around them to reach their full potential. Therefore, keep this skill in mind, as you work to be an effective leader in HR.

  1. Superb Problem-Solver

A typical day of the HR practitioner is having to solve many problems – so, there’s really no such thing as a dull day in the office. Here are some problems that you might face on a regular basis:

  • Resolving a workplace conflict
  • Learning how to better educate and train employees
  • Creating an effective hiring strategy

With strong problem-solving abilities, HR pros can tackle any crisis whenever it arises.

  1. Tough-Decision Maker

Sometimes, HR will have to make tough decisions on any given scenario. Therefore, it’s important for HR pros to learn how to make decisions that are:

  • Effective
  • Unbiased
  • Appropriate, even when under pressure

HR professionals realize that the decisions that they make will impact the lives of their employees and their families. The ultimate goal here is to make the right decisions without succumbing to stressful and negatively-influential circumstances.

  1. Risk-Taker

Taking risks is a part of one’s life; however, HR pros are more prone to taking risks, because that’s their job. For example, when hiring new talent, HR managers have to trust their gut when welcoming someone to the company’s workforce. Whether or not the new hire will succeed is beyond their control; but they can always find another person if the new hire doesn’t do well.

But even though mistakes are inevitable in HR, successful HR pros can still learn from them and move on, thus allowing them to grow professionally and personally.

  1. Data Guru

In HR, it’s all about the data – tracking employee hours, making sure that employees are receiving their pay and benefits, building a data-based presentation, etc. And thanks to modern HR software, today’s HR pros can access employee data with ease. Plus, they can measure any workplace trends that are present, and can predict how said trends will impact the company.

  1. An Exceptional Multitasker

It’s beyond a doubt that HR pros have to do anything and everything all at once. Therefore, multitasking is essential for the job, so that the smaller (easy) tasks are completed faster, and the complex tasks get more attention. Essentially, HR professionals have to wear so many hats during the day to keep their operations going.

  1. Undoubtably Ethical

No matter what, HR pros have to operate based on ethics. Even when handling sensitive data, confidential employee and business information, etc., they still need to treat things with care, and ensure that these things don’t fall into the wrong hands. Plus, HR pros will educate others (i.e. employees) on practicing safety procedures and avoiding things that are deemed a scam and risky.

  1. Long-Time Learner

Just like any other profession, HR professionals are always learning. When things change in the workplace, HR pros have to adapt to said changes. Plus, they have to be open to learning more, as new information will help them thrive in many ways than one.


As you can see, with these 10 traits listed above, it takes a lot of skill (as well as a lot of heart) to be a successful HR pro. This particular department has no bounds, and can evolve at any time during your career. However, with practice and dedication, you’ll soon become a shining star in HR!

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