4 Workspace Recommendations and Their Benefits for Your Remote Team

As we mentioned in What It Feels Like Working Remotely In 2021, the demand for remote work rose by 309% during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Though vaccine rollouts have mitigated transmission risks worldwide, remote work remains popular among workers. Work-from-home arrangements save money and time while helping workers maintain a decent balance between work and life

A person’s workspace plays a major role in their productivity. However, in remote work arrangements, employers have minimal control over their employees' physical work setups. To ensure that workers achieve optimal productivity, employers can educate their workers on what they can do to make their workspaces conducive to success. To help, we’ve provided a few useful recommendations.

Natural Light Improves Focus

According to the Sleep Foundation, natural light plays a big role in regulating the body’s 24-hour internal clock, also called the circadian rhythm. Once the body encounters natural light, it will send signals to the brain to let it know that it’s time to wake up. With the brain fully activated, alert, and wakeful, it becomes easier to concentrate on daily tasks. And because light keeps people revitalized, mood improves.

Other benefits of natural light include increased vitamin D and reduced risks of headaches and eye strain. To make sure that workers get the benefits of natural light, recommend working near windows.

Ergonomic Equipment Reduces Injury Risks

Working a desk job can sometimes force the body to grow accustomed to unnatural positions. Sitting and typing the wrong way over prolonged periods of time can strain the muscles, nerves, and tendons, increasing the risk of repetitive strain injury. Symptoms of repetitive strain injury include stiffness, throbbing, numbness, and cramps.

To make sure workers keep their bodies healthy, emphasize the importance of using ergonomic equipment. The ergonomic product review website Pain Free Working highlights how ergonomic equipment can provide the support the body needs while also promoting good posture. Ergonomic keyboards can ensure that the wrists maintain proper typing position, while laptop stands place devices at the right level to discourage neck straining. Additionally, ergonomic chairs can keep the spine supported and prevent back pain.

Standing Desks Encourage Movement

The human body was built to move. However, desk jobs tend to discourage movement, which makes it easy for workers to fall into sedentary lifestyles. Without physical activity, workers are at increased risk of serious health conditions, such as increased blood pressure, high blood pressure, obesity, and depression.

Employers should motivate their workers to move about. To help them combine physical activity with their desk jobs, suggest using standing desks. Standing desks encourage users to stand while working. Many standing desks have adjustable heights, which can allow users to sit and rest every now and then. Those without standing desks can also choose high tables or counters.

Decluttering Reduces Stress

The human brain likes order. It processes visual disorganization as another problem that needs to be addressed. Because workers will feel that they have two tasks to accomplish — cleaning up and finishing work — workspace clutter halves their focus and makes them inefficient. Worse, clutter may leave them overwhelmed and stressed. To keep workers productive, encourage them to clean up their desks before and after work.

The physical workspace plays a big role in employee productivity. To make sure that workers can perform at their best, encourage them to make useful adjustments to their workspace. Increasing natural light, using ergonomic equipment, and reducing clutter can help. Our blog posts here at Undutchables can help you find other tips for remote workers.

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Written exclusively for undutchables.nl by Carla Jennice. Carla is an aspiring entrepreneur with a passion for writing and interior design. Outside of work, she's a big fan of poker, forex trading, and tiny dogs.

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