Living in the Netherlands: 5 expat networks that might be interesting

As an expat, when you arrive to the Netherlands, everything is new. You are unfamiliar with the culture and your network is small. It can be very pleasant and helpful if you can join a network where you can find information about the Netherlands and also meet other expats. In this blog post we mention 5 expat networks that can be interesting if you come to live in the Netherlands as a foreigner.

Expat Housing Network
When you move to the Netherlands, you need a place to live. The Expat Housing Network can help you with that. This organization is a network of expats from all over the world who are happy to help you find a new home in the Netherlands. They know what it's like to move to a new country. They have experienced this themselves and are here to ensure that you have a pleasant experience.

Once you have a house and a job, you then want to discover the country. It is highly recommended to acquaint yourself with the online platform IamExpat and add them to your favorites. Founded and run by expats, IamExpat is the leading English-language media platform for internationals in the Netherlands and Germany. On this platform you will find up-to-date information, news, vacancies, housing services, events and lifestyle tips. IamExpat also organizes the annual IamExpat Fair in Amsterdam and The Hague; a truly international one - day event designed to connect and support the expat community in the Netherlands.

XPat is one of the media channels produced by XPat Media. XPat Media’s primary goal is to provide the information necessary for expats in (or coming to) the Netherlands to create the life they want.

Since 1998, they have published essential information for expats via various online and offline media channels: the website, the quarterly glossy magazine The XPat Journal, the annually revised Holland Handbook and other publications.

Their clearly written and well-researched articles have helped tens of thousands of members of the international community. The extensive network of writers, contributing consultants, journalists and editors enables them to provide expats in the Netherlands with the high-quality, up-to-date information they need to make living, working and studying here as comfortable and effortless as possible.
Do you have a job, a house and are you aware of all the important information about the Netherlands? Then it is time to make friends and socialize. is a network where, in addition to finding information to make the most of your expat journey, you can easily contact other expats. Under the 'community' tab you can register at 'members' and look for other like-minded people.

In addition, there is much more fun and useful information on this platform. So, grab a cup of coffee (with a stroopwafel) and click around for a while and get acquainted with the beautiful Dutch country. is an online platform where you can find useful information to make the most of your expat project and get in touch with expatriates. At the moment there are already more than 26,000 registered members in the Dutch network.

In addition to searching for new friends online, you can also just go out and meet new people in real life. On Meetup, you can search (and create) groups based on location and different categories. So if you are looking for people who are interested in movies or technology, just like you, then click on that category and you will find all events in your area. On this platform you will also regularly find meet & greet events with fellow countrymen. Super ‘gezellig’!

The above mentioned platforms can help you feel welcomed in the Netherlands. Do you not yet live in the Netherlands, but do you feel like moving to this beautiful country? Then we would like to help you find a new job and who knows, you may soon join one of the above networks. Here you can read everything you need to know about finding English speaking jobs in Amsterdam or any of our other main cities for that matter.

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