6 Recruiting tips for securing the right candidates

In our previous blog post, we discussed how to complete a full online application process in times of corona. When you advertise a vacancy, you want to find the best candidate for this job and keep them on board for a longer period. In this article you will read 6 tips on how to find the most suitable candidate for your open position and how to keep them.

1. Build your employer brand

Potential candidates prefer to work for a company whose culture they understand. That is why employer branding is so important. The point is that future and current employees are attracted to your company. A positive image of your company increases the chances of finding the right candidate. This goes beyond just an attractive description of your organization in a vacancy text. Employer branding is an integral part of any business. And even if it costs time and money, working on your employer branding will result in an increase in the number of potential applicants in the long run. In short, you have to ensure that your organization’s likability is higher than with other companies.

2. Create a candidate journey

The candidate journey is the journey that a potential employee and employer goes through during the application process. This entire journey can be divided into three phases; the pre-application phase, the application phase and the post-application phase. The journey ends on the first working day of the new employee. As an employer, share as much information as possible about your company during this journey and about the position you offer, so that a candidate can make a well-considered decision. Moreover, don't make applying too complicated.

Be transparent and fast, because candidates want to know where they stand. They also want to feel that they matter. Both during the application procedure and after, even if they don’t get the job. A positive experience with a company will be remembered. This way you are indirectly cultivating brand ambassadors for your company. In addition: the person you are now rejecting may be your ideal candidate for the next vacancy.

3. Write the perfect vacancy text

To get the right candidate, it is important that you prepare the right text for your job vacancy. Start with writing down a clear target group and use the same language as this target group. This way you are clearer in your communication and it will appeal to this specific group. The language used by people in ICT will differ from people who work in healthcare. Take this into account in your communication. Also consider the information-needs that differ per target group, what content and what type of content does your target group consume?

Besides that, it is important that the content fits well with the target group and that the language is well-structured. It is also important that the vacancy can be easily found. In order to be found by Google Jobs, for example, your vacancy must contain the following information:

  • Company Name
  • Job title
  • Job description
  • Location
  • Closing date

For more information about writing the perfect vacancy text, see '7 tools to write the perfect vacancy text’.

4. Build a bond with the candidates

As soon as interesting and suitable candidates have responded to the vacancy, it is important to build a relationship with them. Be open and clear about what you have to offer, but also be genuinely interested in the candidate. Introduce them to the team and show them the department where they will be working. This gives the candidates the opportunity to form a complete picture of what their work environment will look like. Always show your appreciation towards the people who come to apply. This can be done in words, but also in the form of a small tangible, or online ‘thank you’.

Even when there is no vacancy, it is good to keep in touch with people who are interested in your company. Pay them attention. Call them up or invite them to an event. Listen to their needs and tell them your story. This creates a bond and you would already know whether someone fits the team well before there is a vacancy. That makes it a lot easier to find a new colleague when necessary. Radar recruitment gives you a huge profit (time and money)!

5. Stay involved and show your appreciation

Once the new employee joins your company, it's important that you stay engaged with them and value them. Employees must feel involved in the organization for which they work. Employee experience, or the experience of an employee, plays a major role for employees especially when they are considering staying or leaving the company. When employees feel they can contribute to a company and have a say in the company, they feel appreciated and are willing to go the extra mile for the company. So, by means of good communication, ensure that you involve employees in both large and small decisions.

In addition, it is important that employees feel valued on an emotional and personal level, in addition to a good salary. Research shows that for employees, poor contact with their supervisor is often one of the main reasons for leaving the company. Therefore, invest in good communication and cooperation and ensure that you are aware of any problems and issues that arise between colleagues or in the private situation. It is advised to have a '1 on 1' conversation with your employees on a frequent basis. For example, once a month.

6. Ensure good fringe benefits

The primary benefits, such as a good salary, are of course essential. But don't forget the fringe benefits such as working from home, a company car or childcare at the office. Nowadays flexible working, such as working from home, is extremely popular. Many people are convinced that they are much more productive when they work from home. They are not distracted by colleagues and can therefore concentrate better. Companies that offer flexible working hours and other benefits such as childcare at the office are quicker to attract candidates' interest and contribute to employee productivity and retention. Which is a crucial element to keep your staff!

In addition to the above points, it is of course important that the employee feels comfortable and has a pleasant work atmosphere. It may sound a bit cliché, but good communication is the key to success. If you don’t know what’s going on with your employees, you cannot change anything for them. So, make sure that you are always open and honest with each other, so that the employee feels safe enough to share anything that’s on their mind.

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