How to Attract and Retain Top Talent with Effective Recruitment Strategies

Finding and retaining top talent is not an easy task. If you want to find experienced and able people to help run your company, there are many different steps that you have to take.

In this post, we’re going to be looking at a few different tips and techniques that you can follow to hire the right talent for your business and then retain those employees. Let’s get started.

1. Find the right platforms and places to hire people

One of the ways in which your business can find people to hire is by going to online platforms and job portals and then posting ads there. The people browsing said portals and platforms can then submit their applications, which you can later review and choose from.

However, while this general method is popular and effective, it has to be done right. You need to make sure that the platforms you use are reliable, and are used largely by skilled people genuinely looking for a job in order to not waste your and their time.

Some reliable platforms that you can use are listed below:

  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a very popular platform that is primarily focused on allowing people to share information and updates about the professional sides of their lives. Another one of the main purposes of LinkedIn is to help hiring managers post job ads and look for talent online. Since LinkedIn is a popular and well-regulated platform, you can use it to find talent for your business without any worries.
  • Indeed: Indeed is another reliable online platform that you can use for hiring purposes. While it does not have a similar model to LinkedIn for sharing posts and articles, making connections, sending messages, etc., it does have an excellent job ad-sharing system. You can create a job description and share it, where it can be seen by people looking for a job.
  • Simply Hired: In its own words, Simply Hired is a “job search engine.” It has a very user-friendly interface that allows people to find exact sorts of jobs for themselves. It is also very popular and reliable, and you can use it for head-hunting.

2. Ensure that the job description is properly written

Picking the right platform for sharing your job ads is not enough. You also have to ensure that the description you write for the ad is properly crafted.

We can speak from experience here, and tell you that the job description has a very big impact on who applies. In our own experience, we have often found various job postings that had a very poorly written description. This can lead to a lot of people preferring not to apply as they perceive the company as incompetent or not taking the role very seriously.

On the other hand, if a description is written with the right words and contains all the proper information, it can attract and draw talented people to apply.

So how do you write such a description? Here is what you do:

  1. First of all, plan out the description. There are different parts and sections of a description that you have to necessarily cover. The parts include:
    1. The introduction that covers the basic nature of the job and provides an intro to the company
    2. The summary of the job, i.e., the part that covers the basic responsibilities
    3. The requirements and qualifications of the ideal candidate
    4. The working conditions and office rules
    5. Benefits and compensations
  2. When writing the description, ensure that you choose the right tone. Your tone should be formal since the description reflects your business at an administrative level, and should also reflect the personality of your company so that you attract job seekers who would be interested in your way of working.
  3. You should also ensure that the content you write is easily understandable and readable. The words should be simple, and your sentences should be short so that the person reading the description doesn’t get confused.
  4. Another important thing to remember when writing job descriptions is to not make grammar or spelling errors of any kind. These types of errors can occur in the drafting process, but if they make their way into the final description, they can reflect badly on your company.

Maintaining the right tone and ensuring that the description is readable are two things that can cause a bit of trouble. Our personal recommendation for solving this problem is to get help from an online tool.

To be specific, using an online paraphrasing tool can be a great way to maintain a good tone in the content and make it readable. Mind you, it has to be a specific tool because not all of them provide an option for tone regulation which can help ensure that the tone of the content stays formal and professional.

3. Be sure to provide market-competitive pay and benefits

Writing good descriptions and finding the right platforms is a way for you to get to the right talent, no doubt. But, once you successfully do reach the right people, it is the job and the concomitant benefits that finally get them to join your company.

You should conduct research and find out the compensation/benefits that other companies and firms in the industry are providing to their employees. Then, you should provide an equal number/level of compensation and benefits, if not more.

You could be very particular about the platform you pick, and you could be very meticulous about the way you write the description, but if you are not offering the right pay and perks to your potential employees, you won’t be very successful in finding the right talent for your company.

Some examples of perks and benefits that you should provide include:

  • Paid leaves
  • Healthcare
  • Retirement fund
  • Wellness and fitness programs and facilities
  • Free meals/lunch

And so on.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

And there you have it.

These are some tips that you can keep in mind to hire top talent for your company. Effective recruitment can be tricky, but it gets a lot easier if you know what to do.

You should first be sure to pick a good platform where you can post and publish job ads. After that, you should also take care to write out your job descriptions properly so that they can attract talented people to apply for the job in question. Last but not least, you should also make sure that you are offering the right benefits and pay to your potential employees.

About the Author:

Lorelai Kaiser brings her expertise to the forefront as the Senior Content Strategist collaborating with numerous small and large companies. Lorelai holds an MA in English from Queen’s University Belfast. In her spare time, Lorelai enjoys cooking and listening to classical music.


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