Clever Space-Saving Hacks for Small Dutch Kitchens

Small kitchens can be difficult to work with, especially in the Netherlands where space is often at a premium. But if you get creative and plan well, you can make the most of every inch of your small kitchen.

In this article, we look at ten smart ways to save space in small Dutch kitchens that are made just for them. These helpful tips will help you create a kitchen that suits your needs without sacrificing style. Let's get started and find out how to make the most of a small Dutch kitchen.

1. Vertical Storage:

If you don't have much floor space, it's important to make use of the space on your kitchen walls. Install shelves or open shelving on the wall so that frequently used items are always at hand.

The hooks can be used to hang pots, pans and tools on the wall or on the bottom of cabinets. Magnetic strips can hold knives or spice jars, freeing up drawer space that can be used for other things. Choosing an upright position frees up valuable countertop space and still allows you to access everything you need.

2. Use the space behind cabinet doors:

Use the space behind cabinet doors to get the most out of your small Dutch kitchen. Spices, cutting boards and other kitchen utensils can be stored in door organizers.

You can also attach a wire rack to hang cleaning supplies or store lids and trays. This smart hack makes the most of your kitchen storage space without adding to it.

3. Choose small household appliances:

If your Dutch kitchen is small, choose small appliances without sacrificing utility, and consider adjusting your kitchen ceiling to make the space feel less cramped. Look for refrigerators, dishwashers, and ovens that are thin, narrow, and small so they can fit in small spaces.

There are also appliances that can perform multiple functions, such as combination microwave ovens or combination washer-dryers. They save space and can do more than one thing well.

4. Pull-out shelves and drawers:

Placing shelves and drawers in your cabinets makes it easy to get to every corner without having to dig into deep dark places.

These handy additions make it easy to get things out of the back of your closet so you can store more stuff without wasting space. If you want nothing to get lost or forgotten, you can add pull-out shelves to your closet or lower cabinets.

5. Use magnetic strips:

Magnetic strips are a great way to store knives, metal tools, and spice jars. Attach a magnetic strip to an apron or closet door so these items are always at hand and not standing on the table.

It will save space in your drawers and add a stylish and useful piece of furniture to your kitchen.

6. Furniture that can be folded and unfolded:

In a small Dutch kitchen, folding furniture is a game-changer. Look for tables and chairs that fold up and can be tucked away when not in use. Consider purchasing an extendable dining table or kitchen island with drop-down extensions that can be folded down when you need more space.

These pieces of furniture are flexible and can be modified to suit your needs. They give you plenty of room to work when you're cooking or eating, and they can get out of the way when you need more space.

7. Organize with Baskets and Drawers:

Baskets and drawers are great for organizing small kitchens and grouping things together. You can use them to store fruits and vegetables, spices, cleaning products, or even kitchen towels.

Labeling each basket or bin makes it easier to find things and prevents things from getting too dirty. Place them on open shelves, in cabinets, or under the sink to make the most of your storage space and keep your kitchen clean.

8. Install Perforated Boards:

Perforated boards are a great way to store items in small Dutch kitchens because they can be swapped out to suit your needs. Place the perforated board on an empty wall and use hooks and pegs to hang pots, pans, tools and other cooking items.

This will save space in drawers and cabinets, as well as decorate the kitchen. Arrange your things so that it is easy to get to the things you use most often. You can also add shelves or small baskets to the perforated board to store more items like spices or small tools.

9. Use corner space:

Don't waste space in the corners of your small Dutch kitchen. Install corner shelves or carousels to make the most of these often-empty areas. With these clever ideas, you can store your pots, pans, and utensils in a way that makes the best use of your space.

10. Pot Racks:

Pot Racks will save space in your closets and add charm to your small Dutch kitchen. Hang pots and pans from the ceiling or on racks attached to the wall to free up cabinet space. This makes it easier to access utensils and makes your kitchen a nice focal point.

Choose a dish rack that matches the style of your kitchen and can hold enough weight. By using vertical space, you can keep your most used kitchen items close at hand and make the most of your storage space.


With these ten smart ways to save space, you can transform your small Dutch kitchen into a stylish and useful room. Use vertical storage, make the most of cabinet doors and corners, and use perforated boards, magnetic strips and drawers. Invest in small tools and furniture that can be folded up and used in a variety of ways.

Organize your kitchen with drawers, baskets and pot racks to make the most of the space you have and keep it clutter-free. Remember, the best way to make the most of your small kitchen is to get creative and plan ahead. By using these space saving ideas, you can make your Dutch kitchen a more efficient and enjoyable cooking space that suits your needs.

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