Creating a team in the Netherlands - What you need to know

Human resources is one of the vital pillars that determine the success of any organization. The quality of your workforce will affect your output and delivery of products and services. The value an organization gives is a direct reflection of the type of teams built-in that organization.

Suppose you run an organization in the Netherlands and you are looking for how to get all your members involved, increase a sense of responsibility in your workers, and improve your productivity. In that case, you should employ the creation of teams and groups and be open to employing both locals and expats that already live in the Netherlands.

Team creation involves embracing all the individual potentials of every member to collectively achieve a set goal or purpose. In a team, every member is focused not on themselves but on actualizing the team's milestones. However, in doing this, every team member develops their capacity and brings their potentials to full realization.

Importance of Team Creation in an Organization

Creating a team of people makes a lot of difference in any set-up. The collaboration of talents and skills can do any organization a lot of good. Apart from their capabilities, you will also benefit from their different backgrounds and cultures. Expats will bring the knowledge from their country and innovative perspectives that will help increase the growth of the company. If you have an organization or a business, here are the reasons why you should consider team creation:

Building of Connection

Humans are social beings, and this means that interpersonal relationships greatly affect their performances. Team building helps to bring people together, to connect even beyond the scope of work. While this may appear as non-work related, it greatly affects workers' psyche and their willingness to work.

When the right work atmosphere is created, everyone looks forward to a workday, and they are willing and able to perform their tasks efficiently. Creating a team replicates a family-like atmosphere at work. Similarly, expats will be made to feel a ‘ home away from home’ and avoid homesickness which could negatively impact work productivity.

Sense of Belonging

When you create a team, you develop a system that engages everyone. If you have a large population of workers or members in an organization, it may be easy for some people to hide in others' shadows. When you split people into smaller groups or teams, everyone becomes actively involved in all of the processes and thus creating a great sense of belonging in every single member of your team. Internationals living in the Netherland often might feel like outsiders in a country away from their native one, however, being part of the team will give them a sense of belonging.

Individual Growth

Since team creation ensures that every member, be it a local or an international, is heard and involved in projects, it gives room for personal development and growth. Hidden talents are often discovered in teams, leadership qualities get built and developed, and people learn to be more responsible. Teams have been one of the most effective ways to groom people into highly skilled professionals.

Increased Efficiency

The major implication of building teams is increased productivity. Every single element of team creation aims at increasing efficiency in an organization. More work is done in less time and often with better quality. Division of labor is achieved when teams are created.

How to Create A Successful Team Within an Organization

Select the Team Members

You should carefully select members that you want to be a part of any team. It is best when you pick people whose skills and talents suit the goal of the team you are creating.

Team creation also involves building a strong relationship among different personalities or even different nationalities. It would be best if you considered individual differences and the possibility of good interpersonal relationships when choosing who will be in a team or not.

Have a Role For Everybody

After selecting your team members, make sure no one is idle. Have intended roles and responsibilities for everyone in the team. It ensures the full participation of every member of the team in actualizing the set milestone.

You may design individual roles to be interrelated to promote interaction between members of the team. One of the main goals of creating the team is to build a strong connection between coworkers. Having a diverse team made up from locals and expats will only richen your work experience and it will even be easier to divide roles.

Team Management

No team will function, no matter the quality of talents and skills it possesses, without proper management under the right leadership. A lot goes wrong in a team when there is bad leadership and supervision. You want to make sure that you get it right with who will be in charge of the team to ensure that the goal for creating the team doesn't become forfeited. Make sure that you don’t discriminate expats who are now living in the Netherlands. If they have the qualifications required, then they deserve to have the highest roles in your company.

Use Professionals

You can employ the services of professional organizations that can help you manage your workers and create the right team. Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) work with businesses to manage their workforce and improve their employees' quality.

Suppose you run a business or organization in the Netherlands. In that case, there are various Netherlands PEO available for you to use to create the result-driven and productive team your organization needs.

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Dominic Serkis is a Recruitment Specialist living in Manchester, England. With seven years of experience in the field and great organizational and time management skills, he assists in connecting with potential candidates online and offline, screening applications, and supporting hiring managers.

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