Excellent Career Ideas for People Who Know Foreign Languages in the Netherlands

There are many ways to make money in the Netherlands, and one of them is knowing a foreign language. Learning another language can help you become more employable, but it's not always easy to know where to start. This blog post will give you an overview of some excellent career ideas for people who know foreign languages in the Netherlands, as well as tips on how they can get started with what they have already studied or learned.

Continue reading because this article might be just for you if your native tongue is Spanish, French, German, or any other European language!

Software Developer with the Knowledge of a Foreign Language

Thanks to its competitive salaries and work-life balance, the Netherlands is an attractive place for software developers to thrive. The tech hubs in Europe are a testament to the region's technical prowess – one such hub is Amsterdam that has attracted talents from all over the world due to these factors.

The Netherlands is one of Europe's top software developers with a competitive salary and work-life balance. The advanced digital economy makes it an attractive choice. Satisfaction with one's job is a variable that many people are interested in for developers. A survey was conducted by StackOverflow for the Netherlands and revealed employees' opinions on their jobs, companies they work at, etc. In total, 69% of all respondents were satisfied or very satisfied, while 21% were dissatisfied or slightly unsatisfied, which seems favorable compared to other countries worldwide.

There is a thing about being a software developer: you can't do that if you don't speak English. It is a plus if you speak Dutch or German, and the approx. Salary of yours will be higher compared to the people who don't speak foreign languages.

Online Tutor

Dutch people used to learn English in schools from a young age, making teaching jobs easier. However, The latest 2019 report for non-native speakers with the highest proficiency has revealed that the Netherlands is second only after Sweden and well ahead of third-placed Finland.

Imagine you are a person whose passion is giving private online English lessons and you are looking for an international experience, consider teaching at one of the private and public schools in Amsterdam or Den Hague. You'll get to help students from around the world brush up on their speaking skills. And now, with the COVID-19 epoch, when everything is online, tutoring has also become like that.

Be aware that a Bachelor's degree and TEFL certification are typically required if you hope to teach English in the Netherlands. You will need these qualifications to apply for teaching jobs since the Dutch government regulates them.

Community Manager

As a member of the client's team, the community manager implements and manages an online community. The manager ensures that it is safe for other members to be on those platforms without fear or harassment from other users. They should also make sure they are engaging with people in line with the purpose of these communities.

A community manager must speak several foreign languages as they have to communicate with people from all over the world, not just from the Netherlands. They need to speak at least one foreign language fluently to feel confident on the market.

Data Scientist

Data scientists are professionals who have a multidisciplinary skillset and work with large amounts of data to find insights and answers for business problems. Data scientists typically hold graduate degrees in technical subjects such as computer science or statistics.

Data science is one of the most promising industries in which to work. According to a recent report by the local Netherland paper, employment for people with expertise or training in "Big Data" and analytics increased nearly twice as fast last year than open jobs requiring other types of knowledge. The demand for analysts who can wrangle big pools of information has been skyrocketing. An analyst working within this field will be paid around 50K euro per annum on average, and the one who can speak foreign languages can expect to earn from 10% to 15% more.

Wrap It Up

The Netherlands is a beautiful country that has an excellent need for people who know foreign languages. It doesn't matter what language you speak, and there are many opportunities to find your dream career and make the most of all those years studying abroad. Share the article points with others so they can also reap the benefits if it helps you decide on your next step in life or gives you some ideas about how to pursue one of these careers. We hope we have inspired at least one person today- after all, every little bit counts when it comes to making our world better!

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