Expats working from home: how to keep them happy and motivated

Currently, the majority of the Dutch population is working from home. There are those who are a big fan of the “home-office” and are more productive than ever. Others must get used to the new way of working. The fact remains, this new norm requires some adaptability from everyone. But for expats living in the Netherlands whose friends and family are far away, it may be quite tough. How can you deal with this as a company? We have listed some tips below!

Stay in touch with your expats during the
working-from-home period

Social isolation can lead to feelings of depression. Keeping in touch regularly will make your employees feel less lonely. Keep these contact moments live, and not just via email or Whatsapp. Video contact gives a feeling of togetherness and you as an employee can use this tool to better communicate and gauge how your employee is doing and what they are struggling with. In this blog post we provide you with some great ideas on how to keep your employees engaged.

Show genuine interest

For example, ask how they are doing weekly and if there is something you can do for them. This can be business related, such as taking care of a mouse, keyboard or laptop stand. But it can also be purely offering a listening ear. When employees know that their employer sympathizes with them and is genuinely interested in their private situation, the employee feels heard and appreciated. When someone can share their feelings and thoughts, this will result in less stress, which means, ultimately, increased productivity.

Send your home working expats something fun by post

Although almost everything is digital nowadays, there is nothing more heartwarming than a postal. Send your employees a little something that shows your appreciation. Think of a card, flower through post, a bar of chocolate, flower seeds to plant, a nice book, a card with a crazy personal photo, etc. Smiling faces guaranteed!

Let your home working expats choose one highlight per day

And finally, don't be too strict. Accept that the situation is different from normal and that less work may be done than usual. Of course, your employees have to work, but let them choose one task per day that has to be finished. You can share these with each other in a Whatsapp group conversation or in a daily kick-off via an online tool. This way, they will have a focus that is attainable. Every extra work is a plus.

Appreciation is sometimes the simplest and cheapest gesture an employer can offer to their employee. Unfortunately, it is also one of those gestures that is often overlooked. Just a simple ‘thank you for your hard work or flexibility’ or ‘how are you really doing today?’ will make your employee feel like he or she counts and is being seen and heard. As an employer; did you already surprise your employees? And if so, do you have more ideas?

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