Finding multilingual jobs: the why and how

Moving to the Netherlands, what a great idea! The people, the food (hello delicious stroopwafels), the bikes! But you shouldn’t just come to the Netherlands for the great atmosphere. Just think about all the multilingual jobs there are. Perfect for a highly skilled international like you. In this article we’ll tell you all about it.

The power of multilingual jobs

In today’s competitive job market, many employers are looking for individuals who are able to speak more than one language. Increasing globalization means that the demand for people who can communicate across borders is higher than ever.

Learning another language or if you are a native speaker of another language outside of the business’s requirements, you can greatly expand your professional horizons. Not only does it increase your chances of earning a higher salary, it opens up a world of opportunities for travel and/or moving abroad and will significantly enhance your skill set.

And what better place to flex your multilingual skills than the international hub that’s called the Netherlands.

Why is the Netherlands so popular for multilingual jobs?

The Netherlands has been revealed to be one of the most multilingual countries in Europe by a recent study from the European Commission (EC). 94% of Dutchies are able to speak at least one other language besides their mother tongue, with English being the most commonly spoken of these foreign languages.

Due to the Netherlands being such a multilingual country, a lot of multinational companies have established their global or European headquarters here. For someone who is looking for multilingual jobs, big cities such as Amsterdam and Utrecht are the places to be.

Where to search for multilingual jobs in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands is a very competitive country for business and offers many job opportunities. Different international companies from various sectors and industries have their offices located in the country's big cities, which means that the company language is usually English. However, looking for a new job is always a bit of a daunting experience. Luckily there are a number of ways for you to look for and find the perfect multilingual job for you.

One of the biggest job boards in the Netherlands is LinkedIn. Not only do companies post their vacancies here, but their employees also post different job opportunities within the company. Which leads me to our second tip for finding multilingual jobs. Utilize your network! Maybe you’re already connected to someone that is seeking your exact abilities. Activate your network and let people know that you are actively looking for a new opportunity. Update your socials with a recent professional photo, your most relevant skills and of course, your language skills.

One of the safest and most efficient ways to find a suitable job for you is to go through a recruitment agency. Undutchables is an expat-focused international recruitment agency with a focus on multilingual jobs and talent. You can check out our vacancies here. Or register so you can start your job hunt right away! Because there are a lot of multilingual jobs out there waiting for you.

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