Finding work in Utrecht: Everything you need to know

Are you looking for work in Utrecht? This article is the place to start. The Utrecht region offers an attractive, sustainable environment for business and for expats to live and work. Its vibrant and welcoming community includes over 48.000 internationals who have already taken the step to come live and work in Utrecht. Will you join them?

How to find work in Utrecht?

Expats moving to Utrecht in search of work will find job openings in a range of sectors provided they have the right skill set. Utrecht is home to a wide range of national and international companies and knowledge institutes which offer attractive career opportunities. Financial services, ICT and development, health sciences, and gaming- and media development are just a few examples of booming industries within Utrecht.

Many expats relocating to Utrecht will come with a job offer in hand or on an intercompany transfer, having worked at an international office back in their home country. For those who are still looking for work in Utrecht, the internet is probably the best starting point.

Job portals provide insight into the types of work available in Utrecht and the salary an expat could hope to get. Recruitment agencies such as Undutchables can also assist you in your job search. You can also look for work in Facebook groups for expats. The expat community in Utrecht is huge and they usually keep an eye out for one another by posting job opportunities or offering help while you settle in.

What do you need to be able to work in Utrecht?

If you want to live and work in the Netherlands, you (most of the time) require a work and/or residence permit. Citizens of EU and EEA countries or Switzerland, however, are exempt from this requirement and do not require a visa for the Netherlands. What kind of visa or permit you might need also depends on the length of your stay.

If you intend to work in the Netherlands for less than 90 days, a work permit is required. Your employer will have to apply for this at the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV). If you wish to live and work in Utrecht for more than 90 days, a residence permit is required as well. You or your employer can apply for a permit at the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND). Please note that in some situations you first need to have a provisional residence permit (mvv) to be able to enter the Netherlands prior to applying for a residence permit.

Why you should work in Utrecht

Of course finding out how to find work in Utrecht and what you need to be able to work there is all great. But you’re probably also wondering why you should work in Utrecht. Will you (and your family) like it there? What are the benefits? I might be a bit biased as I have been living and working in Utrecht for over 10 years now. But that also means that I could call myself quite the expert. So let me tell you all the reasons why you should work in Utrecht!

Firstly, its location is perfect. Smack bang in the middle of the Netherlands, it is a short 25-minute train ride to Amsterdam and a 30-minute direct train ride to Schiphol Airport. It’s well connected to other cities via both highways and trains, but the Utrecht city centre is also well-equipped for everything you need (it is also stunning!).

Utrecht has a vibrant expat community that resides in the city and suburbs around Utrecht. There are thousands of nearby expats who hold meetups, networking sessions, language cafes, and social outings. And there is a good reason for this ever growing community. The job market in Utrecht is booming with all kinds of industries settling their offices there. On top of all of that: the salaries are great, the life-work balance is top notch and the Dutch working culture (though direct) is very warm and welcoming.

What else could you possibly wish for? Have I managed to convince you that working in Utrecht is the best thing you can do? Have a look at our vacancies and start your work journey in Utrecht today!

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