How social media profiles can help you find your dream job

The emergence of social media has opened up many new opportunities for applicants and recruiters. It is not a secret that recruiters want to get a better picture of applicants through social media such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. In addition, it is increasingly common that social media is used to distribute vacancies, so applicants have a greater chance of seeing the vacancy on their timeline. Social media is therefore perfect to help you find your dream job. Let’s dive into how you can utilize these platforms to help you land your dream job.

Apply via LinkedIn

The most obvious social media channel when thinking about job search is LinkedIn. The networking possibilities of this platform are endless given that users are mainly present on this platform for business, networking and career purposes. For example, you can invite your professional contacts to join your network with a personalized message. Or you can join groups that discuss topics in your field.

Besides that, you can search for vacancies fanatically via LinkedIn Jobs. You can use this medium to indicate that you are looking for a new challenge. Make sure you follow the companies you would like to work for, clearly state your ambition in your profile text and let recruiters know that you are open to a new job.

Of course, you can also indicate in a status update that you are looking for a new job and ask your network to share this message.

Video’s on Vimeo or YouTube

Do you really want to give a good first impression to future employers? Then make use of videos. A picture speaks a thousand words, but a video can depict way more. On channels such as Vimeo and YouTube you can share videos about yourself, but of course also about your work (a kind of portfolio). This way, employers get an excellent picture of who you are and far more in detail than a CV.

Job hunting via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest

In addition to LinkedIn (and possibly Vimeo and YouTube,) other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest can also be very useful. They all rank high in Google search results. For example, on Facebook you can state your training and work experience, while on Twitter you can share relevant (business) information about your field. On Instagram you can share more of your personal passions and creative talents through photos, videos and/or stories. Do you want to stand out? Then use an Instagram Grid. And on Pinterest, you can fill a board with all kinds of interesting information about you and your work. Think of photos and infographics. You can create several boards that all tell a bit about you and your passion, experiences, work, etc. Are you a photographer or designer? Then Instagram and Pinterest are excellent platforms to use as a portfolio. It is also advisable to create a personal CV website and share the link on all your social media channels. Especially if you have a lot to show and want to make sure it’s all visible in one go. See also the article ‘These are the trends in 2020 when it comes to a digital cv’ for more tips and info.

Besides sharing information about you, you can also focus on vacancies on these social media platforms. For example, search for companies where you would like to work, or use hashtags when searching. Do you live in Amsterdam and would you like to work there? Search for hashtags such as #marketingvacancyamsterdam.

Personal branding

It is very important to think carefully about your personal branding. This starts with the very first impression people get of you. In other words: your profile picture. You have to come across as open and friendly. Use appropriate photos when job hunting. We are sure that the party you attended last night was great but refrain from using such pictures on your profile when looking for a job (consider your privacy and sharing settings). We advise to use the same photo for all your business profiles. This way you are immediately recognizable on the various social platforms.

Learn all about your next employer

Not only can your intended new employer look up information about you, you can also use social media to find out everything about a company. Through the means of social media, organizations often tell you exactly what they have to offer, what they expect from you, what the recent business results are, and what they stand for. You can also follow interesting employers so that you always get updates. The more you know about a company, the more interested you will appear in your application, and the more likely you are to get that top job.

To summarize: be active on social media. The more active you are, the better you will be found and the more you know about developments in your industry. This can lead to your dream job. Here is some more information on how to presents yourself on social media. Do you already follow us on social media?

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