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Interview Tips part 1

Does the thought of sitting across from an interviewer make you nervous Do you hate the idea of having to ‘’sell’’ yourself? We have all been there. Everyone knows the feeling of being taken into the interview room with sweaty palms and a slightly higher heart rate than normal. We often have candidates ask us for advice on the best way to prepare for an interview and with the help of our recruiters decided to write a blog with some interview tips which might help take the sweat of your palms, even if it is just a little bit. One thing to keep in mind first is that there is a big difference between a job interview at a job agency such as Undutchables and at a company directly. When you visit our Undutchables office for an interview it is really for our recruiter to get to know you, to see what your experience is like and what kind of positions would be suitable for you. When going to a company directly it means you are already applying for a specific role.

When going on an interview at a company for a specific role it is important to take some things into consideration.  First of all, make sure you prepare well. Read the website of the company thoroughly,  make sure you understand their mission and vision statement and think of ways in which you can incorporate your own values and work experience with that mission and vision. It is very off putting for a company employee if they are interviewing a candidate who has clearly not put any effort into reading about the company. Everyone knows that  the bills need to be paid, but if you give this as the main reason for wanting a job, chances are you will not be getting it.

Another great way to get more information on the company and to know what they are currently working on is checking their social media pages. Facebook and Twitter and often offer a lot of current information and will also give you insight into what kind of articles they like to share, pictures they post and how their clientele respond to it.

When looking at their different social media channels it is also a good idea to go on LinkedIn and see if you have any contacts within your network that work at the company or maybe know someone else who works there. This can often help you as you will get more insider information on the company and maybe even on the people who are interviewing you.

Hopefully these tips will help you a bit in starting your preparation for your future job. Do you want to read more? Read part 2!


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