Living in the Netherlands: 5 cities you must visit

The Netherlands has many beautiful cities that are absolutely worth a visit. There are plenty of large, but also small cities in the Netherlands where you can go for a fun day out. Whether you are in the mood to shop, to visit museums or to get to know the city better, these cities have it all. Discover the five best cities in the Netherlands.


Utrecht is the perfect city for a pleasant day away. One day is not enough to discover all the nice places in Utrecht. So, you can easily turn your short visit into a weekend. Whether you are visiting the city to learn more about its history, to shop, or for the cozy restaurants, you will never get bored in Utrecht. Utrecht is a city known for its canals and many quaint side streets.

This city is also the perfect place for shop-a-holics. In addition to all the major well-known brands, there are also many nice boutique shops hidden in the side streets of Utrecht. When you are in Utrecht, you have to visit the Dom Tower. This Utrecht pride is 112 meters high and to reach the top you have to climb 465 steps. But trust us, when you reach the top you are greeted with a breathtaking view of the city.

Do you want to discover the history of the city? Then pay a visit to the Centraal Museum. In this museum, old and modern works of art are divided into five themes: urban history, ancient art, modern art, applied art and fashion. And Of course, food. You can discover Utrecht’s many terraces, whilst enjoying a refreshing drink occupied with some (you’ve guessed it!) very Dutch bitterballen. There are many nice restaurants along the old canal.

Tip: are you here on a Wednesday, Friday or Saturday? Then stroll over one of the largest markets in Utrecht: the market on the Vredenburg.


In the south of the Netherlands you will find perhaps the most charming city in the country: Maastricht. During the summer months many visitors visit Maastricht for the concerts of the famous violinists Andre Rieu on the Vrijthof, and during the winter months for the cozy Christmas markets and the beautifully lit streets.

Not just during these periods, but throughout the year Maastricht is an absolute must-visit. Stroll along the river Maas, or shop till you drop in some of the most beautiful shops and special boutiques. Maastricht is the ultimate fashion city. Another activity that should not be overlooked during your trip to Maastricht is a visit to the 13th-century Dominican Church. Here you can find books in all shapes and sizes. If you are not a book lover, there is still a place at the former priest choir, where you can enjoy lunch or a cup of coffee. In addition, the Dominican Church is also used for debates and music performances.


One of the most modern and hip cities in the Netherlands; Rotterdam. In 2016, this city was even named one of the most exciting cities in the Netherlands. Rotterdam has the most beautiful skyline and the largest port in Europe. When in Rotterdam, a visit to the market hall is a must-do. This covered hall is located in the center of Rotterdam and you will find various food stalls here. From fresh fruit to frozen yogurt, from all kinds of herbs to Spanish pinchos. In addition, there are more fun activities to experience in Rotterdam. Rotterdam has several places, including the Koopgoot and Rotterdam Alexander, where you can indulge yourself in the well-known, but also less well-known shops. Not such a shopping fanatic? The city also has a number of interesting museums. Definitely worth a visit!

The Hague

After Amsterdam and Rotterdam, The Hague is the third largest city in the Netherlands. The Hague is also the residential city. The Dutch Parliament and the Royal House are located here. Not only for that reason a visit to The Hague is completely worth it, but also for the cozy shops and various activities that you can experience here. The Hague is also the perfect city for a day out with the kids. For example, here you will find an attraction called Madurodam. Here the Netherlands is recreated in miniature. When the weather is nice, you can visit the beach of The Hague: Scheveningen. In the heart of The Hague is the Mauritshuis, a museum with the most famous works of art including the Girl with a Pearl Earring, paintings by Rembrandt and other special works of art. Simply said: there is plenty to do in The Hague!


Of course, this 17th-century capital of the Netherlands should not be missed. There is a lot to see and do in Amsterdam. Amsterdam is a city where tourists come from all over the world. Many visitors enjoy a cruise through the Amsterdam canals during their first visit. Close to Amsterdam Central Station, you will find several companies that offer a canal cruise; not only fun, but also the perfect way to get to know a city.

In addition to sniffing out culture, you can also go shopping in Amsterdam for an afternoon. Feast your eyes in the Bijenkorf on Dam Square or shop in the famous Kalverstraat. Another way to get to know the city of Amsterdam or the Netherlands better is by visiting This is Holland. This is an attraction where you make a "flight" from your seat, all over the Netherlands. Of course, there are also several museums in this city that you can visit, including the Van Gogh museum and the Rijksmuseum.

Tip: are you in Amsterdam around the winter period? Then book a ticket for the Amsterdam Light Festival. With a tour on a tour boat you will pass various illuminated works of art, which gives an impressive picture.

When you are in the Netherlands, there are plenty of nice cities to visit. During a city trip you not only have a very pleasant day, but you also get to know the city a bit.

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