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As an international there are a lot of steps to figure out in order to make your dream of working and living in the Netherlands a reality. It can be overwhelming to try and decipher the Dutch system and to know who to turn to for help. Although our focus at Undutchables is on helping you find a job, we know that getting established in the Netherlands involves more than just landing a great new position. That's why we have teamed up with some great companies that can assist you with the other steps of the process. We interviewed one of our partners this week and want to give you a chance to get to know them and learn about their services as well, so without further ado, let us introduce our housing partner - Expat Housing Network.

1. What is Expat Housing Network?

Created by expats for expats, Expat Housing Network (EHN) is the go-to team for internationals when it comes to buying, renting, or letting a home in the Netherlands. We have 8+ years of experience helping expats with their housing needs, and our deep and intimate knowledge of the Dutch housing market has enabled us to help over 3000 people in making the Netherlands their “home away from home”.

Our team of 24 talented individuals represent 15 different nationalities, and are located across the country to ensure that anyone and everyone can feel at home in the Netherlands. Whether relocating to Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Eindhoven, or any other Dutch city, our team is ready to help expats every step of the way.

2. Why do you do what you do?

At Expat Housing Network, we believe that anyone and everyone should be able to feel at home in the Netherlands. When moving abroad, one of the most obvious and biggest contributing factors to feeling at home is to successfully secure a literal place to call home. However, with the Dutch Housing Market being so competitive and complex, we know first-hand how challenging this can be, especially when you don’t know the local language. This is why it’s our mission to make the entire home search process for internationals a smooth, accessible, and pleasant experience. We want everyone to feel at home from day one.

3. Which products/services do you offer?

We help expats buy, rent, or let homes in the Netherlands. EHN’s Housing Specialists and Consultants are located across the country in all the Dutch expat hubs, ensuring coverage across the nation. Further, we provide both virtual and in-person Expat Housing Service Packages to best serve every individual’s needs and preferences.

4. What is the current market like in your industry?

Like many other countries, the current Dutch housing market is marked by its competitiveness, government regulations, and often challenging economic landscape, particularly for internationals seeking accommodation. Properties, especially in popular expat cities including Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Utrecht and The Hague, tend to be in high demand, leading to multiple offers and bids on the same properties. This fast-paced nature can sometimes make securing a suitable home a complicated task for newcomers who aren’t familiar with the system.

However, navigating this dynamic environment is made significantly smoother with the right information and assistance of local housing specialists. By informing yourself on topics such as standard rental processes, regulations, costs, and neighbourhoods, and by partnering with local experts, the home search experience can be a quick and enjoyable experience.

5. What are your unique selling points for the international community?

We provide access to an extensive network of housing professionals across the Netherlands that specialise specifically in the expat experience (all in English!). We also offer completely transparent, fair, and competitive pricing, which isn’t always the case in our industry.

But ultimately, we believe our biggest value-add is that Expat Housing Network is a company created by expats for expats. We understand through first-hand experience what it’s like to navigate the challenges of the Dutch housing market as an international, the Dutch rules and regulations, and much more. We’ve been there ourselves and we're here to make sure that all the possible mistakes expats could make in the Dutch housing market are prevented, and that our clients have the best experience when it comes to securing a home.

6. What has been your most memorable moment working with internationals?

It’s our daily business to craft offers, review contracts, view beautiful properties, negotiate terms etc. But what thrills us most is seeing our clients’ faces on the day they receive the keys to their new home. House keys are a symbol of the start of a new adventure, and that smile and excitement mean that they can finally start feeling at home in the Netherlands. For us, this happens every day. Nevertheless, these moments are priceless and mean the world to us.

7. Do you have any industry tips for our readers?

While the Dutch housing market is competitive, you can give yourself an advantage by being well informed about the market and by having your application documents ready to go. Before your arrival, research the city, its neighbourhoods, properties currently for rent or for sale, and get a good understanding of the process and timelines involved. Define your budget and your must-haves, such as location, number of bedrooms, amenities, etc. With this information clear, you will be better prepared when you arrive in the Netherlands and begin viewing properties. Then when you find your dream home, be sure to act quickly.

Of course, all this requires significant time and effort. To give yourself peace of mind and even more of an edge, consider partnering with an Expat Housing Specialist. Collaborating with professionals who are well-versed in the Dutch housing market can be a game-changer. Housing specialists can help you navigate the complexities of contracts, negotiate terms, and provide insights into local rental laws. They can also assist in bridging language and cultural gaps, ensuring a smoother communication process with landlords and agents. By enlisting the support of a professional, you not only increase your chances of finding the right home but also ease the stress associated with unfamiliar housing procedures. Remember, with strategic planning and the right guidance, your transition to a new life in the Netherlands can be smooth and incredibly rewarding.

Interested in speaking with a professional? Schedule a complimentary consultation with Expat Housing Network and receive tailored advice for taking your first steps in the Dutch housing market.

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