Meet the Recruiter - Anique van Gorp

We have shared a lot with you about our company, our events, the Netherlands as a country and their traditions. We feel like it is high time you got acquainted with some of our colleagues. This blog will give you more insight into the life of a recruiter, the challenges they face, their most memorable moments and their guilty pleasures. This week we will introduce our recruiter from Eindhoven, Anique van Gorp. Enjoy!

1. How did you end up at Undutchables?

I found my way into recruitment unexpectedly after graduating. Despite being shy at first glance, the branch and general managers of Undutchables saw potential in me. It's interesting how introverts, like me, can thrive in the field of recruiting just as much as extroverts do.

2. What are the most/least enjoyable aspects of your role?

The least enjoyable aspect of recruiting is the waiting period for feedback from a client. It can be frustrating when there’s a delay in receiving input, leading to uncertainty and prolonged anticipation, which can slow down the overall recruitment process.

On the other hand, one of the most enjoyable aspects is successfully advocating for a candidate initially rejected by the client. It’s immensely gratifying to highlight a candidate’s strengths and ultimately changing the client’s perspective. This moment of turning an initial rejection into a successful placement can be incredibly rewarding.

3. What is the biggest challenge of the job?

The biggest challenge of a recruiter job involves consistently selling opportunities to both candidates and clients — balancing the pitch to attract top talent while meeting the needs of hiring companies.

4. What has been your most memorable moment in the job?

The most memorable moment was successfully placing a candidate who had been searching for a job in the Netherlands for an extended period —seeing their joy and relief was truly rewarding.

5. What do you think is key for a successful recruiting process?

The key to a successful recruiting process is making it personal — building genuine connections with candidates and understanding their unique needs and aspirations. Adding a personal touch, like sending funny memes or gifs to candidates before their interviews, helps create a more human side to the process. It's all about fostering a comfortable and engaging relationship.

6. If you were to have a job outside an office environment, what would be your dream job?

My dream job outside an office? Professional sleeper — napping my way to productivity!

7. What's your guilty pleasure?

K-dramas are my guilty pleasure—I get totally sucked into those captivating storylines!

Quickfire questions

Q: Coffee or tea

A: Tea all the way

Q: Sun or snow?

A: Hard one, lets go for sun since I am answering this in December 😉

Q: Are you a morning or a night person?

A: Morning

Q: If you could go any where in the world where would you go and why?

A: I have a new obsession with k-pop and k-dramas, so it would have to be South Korea!

""Recruitment is the art of convincing someone to work for a company they've probably never heard of, doing something they might not understand, for reasons they may or may not agree with — easy, right?""

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