Meet the HR & General Affairs Manager - Anke van Acht

We have shared a lot with you about our company, our events, the Netherlands as a country and their traditions. We feel like it is high time you got acquainted with some of our colleagues. This blog will give you more insight into the life of an Undutchables team member, the challenges they face, their most memorable moments and their guilty pleasures. This week we will introduce our HR and general affairs manager, Anke van Acht. Enjoy!

1. How did you end up at Undutchables?

In 2006 I was looking for a job when I graduated from my HR studies. I came across Undutchables and really loved the international aspect. At that time I would have never thought that I would still be working here so many years later, but here I am!

2. What are the most/least enjoyable aspects of your role?

The most enjoyable aspect is meeting lots of people, candidates as well as clients! As a recruitment consultant and branch manager I enjoyed speaking to lots of different candidates from all over the world, and I also learned a lot from visiting so many different companies in diverse industries. Very interesting.

The least enjoyable part for me was that I sometimes couldn't help someone at all or had to disappoint them when they didn't get the job after attending an interview.

3. What is the biggest challenge of the job?

I think the multitasking. You have to do so many different things at the same time. There are a lot of stakeholders to take care of simultaneously.

4. What has been your most memorable moment in the job?

I have a great memory of maintaining contact with one specific candidate over the course of several years when I was still actively recruiting. I helped her find her first job in the Netherlands and subsequently helped her land her next two challenges in the following years. It was great to stay in touch and get to grow together throughout both of our careers.

5. What do you think is key for a successful recruiting process?

Keeping a clear overview of all your active application procedures and keeping everyone in the loop. As a recruiter you really need to be proactive and stay on top of things.

6. If you were to have a job outside an office environment, what would be your dream job?

I would love to work in a zoo!

7. What's your guilty pleasure?

Bokkenpootjes (typical Dutch cookies). 😊

Quickfire questions

Q: Coffee or tea

A: Coffee

Q: Sun or snow?

A: Sun (perhaps also snow... our first ski holiday of the year is coming up soon😊)

Q: Are you a morning or a night person?

A: Definitely a morning person

Q: If you could go any where in the world where would you go and why?

A: Australia! I did an internship in Sydney when I was 18 years old. Due to 9/11 I had to return home much earlier than expected. I spent 3 months there, instead of 9. I would love to go back and travel the country like I planned to back then.

""A simple 'hello' could lead to a million things.""

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