Working in the Netherlands: most occupied jobs as a German speaker

Do you know that Dutch employers are in high need of German-speaking employees like you? Sometimes it is easy or even necessary to employ German speakers when it comes to German-speaking relations, suppliers and or customers. Below we share the most common professions as a German speaker in the Netherlands.

Customer service representative

Many Dutch companies are conquering the German market with their product or service. There are of course also German customers who have questions or problems with which they want to be helped. Naturally, the company wants to communicate to these customer as clear as possible. In this case there is only one logical solution: hire a German speaking customer service employee. Amaze the German customer by going that extra mile. So, what are you waiting for? The Netherlands cannot wait for your contribution!

Account manager or sales employee

To achieve good results when doing business in Germany, it is extremely important to have a motivated account manager in your team. Someone who connects with German customers and convinces them of the added value of a product or service; someone who builds up the first contact and knows how to create a strong relationship with these customers located in Germany. Who better to sell to the German-speaking market than, you’ve guessed it, a German speaker?

German marketing & communication officer

The Dutch are completely different than the Germans. So, if you want to be visible or to market your product or service, you have to make sure you speak the language of the target group. As a German-speaking marketing and / or communication officer you ensure the expansion and maintenance of the company's name recognition. A fantastic challenge.

Purchasing employee

In the Netherlands we are used to buying our products from our neighbor: Germany. As a purchaser, you go to work using your best negotiation skills to get the best deals. In this role, you must therefore be able to speak the language of the supplier fluently and confidently. Do you enjoy being in contact with suppliers and are you result driven? There are many opportunities in the Netherlands for German-speaking buyers!

And many more great jobs for German speakers that we have not yet mentioned! So, feel free to take a look at our vacancies. Who knows, you might find your dream job through Undutchables!

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