Multilingual recruitment at Undutchables

At Undutchables we help both starters and executive candidates, fluent in languages other than Dutch, advance in their careers in the Netherlands. For those hiring, we have highly experienced international for you! With a proven track record in multilingual recruitment, job matching and placement, we are your first stop for international jobs and personnel.

Multilingual recruitment for expats

As a progressive country with an ever evolving business landscape, the Netherlands has a continually growing demand for highly skilled and internationally oriented personnel. Enter multilingual recruitment agency Undutchables. It’s our job to find you the perfect match. Both within your field of work, while also matching your criteria and ensuring a cultural click between you and your future employer.

We work with multinational companies in various industries. They all have a common need for multilingual recruitment as they’re looking for native speakers of foreign languages or multilingual personnel to join their teams. We offer vacancies in fields such as Administration, Customer Service, Marketing, Sales, IT, HR, Finance and many more. Interested? Sign up here and let us know what you have to offer!

When a suitable job opportunity arises, we will invite you for an extensive interview. This will give us the opportunity to get to know you better and find out more about your expertise and career aspirations. Together we will find the right fit for you where you can continue to grow.

Multilingual recruitment for companies

At Undutchables we actively maintain a network of diverse talent with one thing in common: all candidates speak an additional language next to English. Through this network we strive to offer you the quickest and best solutions for your recruitment needs. Our multilingual recruitment team consists of internationals from all over the world who have lots of experience with connecting the right candidates with your vacancies.

Before starting the recruitment process, we want to get to know you, your company and the person you believe will be the perfect fit for your team. This gives us a better understanding of the company culture, working environment and requirements.

If you are looking for highly trained and experienced international personnel who match your corporate culture, look no further. Our recruiters are here to help you find the ideal candidate(s) for your company. For more information on our recruitment you can contact us here.

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