Now is the time to start recruiting again and this is how it’s done!

As the corona restrictions start to ease, more and more people are returning to work. Companies recruiting can also conduct face-to-face job interviews, provided that the respective measures are adhered to. On the other hand, the unemployment rate has increased due to the corona crisis.

As business is picking up again, this is the time to start recruiting. In this blogpost we explain the best ways to find new employees.

Utilize your own staff when recruiting

Recruiting via your own staff is also called referral recruitment. In this scenario you utilize your current employees’ network & connections to find new colleagues. Referral recruitment can be attractive as it is more efficient and less expensive. There is also a good chance that the referee will result in a match, because employees can often judge whether their friends or acquaintances fit the organization’s culture. With a recruitment bonus you encourage them to actively search for candidates in their network.

Search within your company

In addition to helping your employees in the search for the perfect match for a vacancy, it may also be that someone within your current staff is extremely suitable. Recruiting internally means that someone already knows your company and will therefore hit the ground running faster.

In addition, it can be motivating if you give employees the opportunity to grow. At the same time, this has the advantage that you do not have to start a costly recruitment and selection procedure.

Come up with a good campaign

In order to inform people outside of your company that you have open positions, it is important to start a recruitment campaign. This can be done through many different channels. In addition to platforms such as Monsterboard, Indeed, Jobbird and LinkedIn, there are many other websites to use. It is possible to post vacancies via Facebook, this platform is in any case an excellent medium to communicate to potential employees. Numerous companies post their job vacancy on their Facebook page, after which the post is frequently shared, liked and people are tagged.

On other channels it is important that your vacancy is appealing. Companies like to use clichés, such as a hands-on mentality or the cliché that the candidate should be stress resistant and the candidate should not have a nine to five mentality. If you want your vacancy to stand out from all the generic vacancies out there try to add a fun twist to your vacancy text. Remember do this only when appropriate. For example, a vacancy text looking for a lawyer should stay professional. But if you are hiring for an advertiser, use your creative skills to make the text fun and suited for a creative looking for a great place to work. In this way you reach the right audience by hitting the string that also touches them. A very successful campaign, which was spread across the web via other channels.

Engage an employment agency or recruitment agency

Temporary employment agencies and recruitment agencies are ideally suited for recruitment. They often have a lot of experience in finding the right person, as this is one of their main strengths. You can contact specialized agencies such as for specific functions or branches. This is useful if you are looking for catering staff, mechanics or secretaries, for example. This allows you to have qualified personnel in a short time.

Accept open applications
Last but certainly not least, consider open applications. In general, an open application often attracts talented candidates. By applying through this way, candidates show that they are motivated to work for you.

You can include a section on the vacancy page or website that shows that you accept open applications. This opens the door for talent, which you will benefit from later if you suddenly need personnel.

When you have devised a plan for how to find new employees, it is important that a good vacancy text is available. Read more about which tools you can use to write the perfect vacancy.

Happy recruiting!

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