Recruitment agencies: the most common prejudices

There are still many prejudices when it comes to hiring a recruitment agency. However, a recruitment agency can have many advantages for your company. We therefore share in this blog the most heard prejudices and will explain why it is really only a preconception and not necessarily how it really works.

“A recruitment agency does exactly the same as I would when looking for new employees”

In terms of work, companies could do the same as recruitment agencies, but they often lack the necessary knowledge, specific tools and especially the large network of professionals. In addition, the search for new staff is the main task of recruitment agencies. When you take the task on by yourself as a company, you lose a lot of time that is better invested into your core business. Moreover, the choice of suitable candidates is limited, because your own network and reach is simply smaller.

Recruitment agencies have little knowledge of what my company does

A recruitment agency supports a company in the search for suitable personnel for their vacancies. The objective of recruitment is to select the most suitable candidate for a vacancy. Due to the diversity of functions and occupations in the labor market, many recruitment agencies specialize in certain market segments. For example, one recruitment agency focuses on positions in the healthcare sector and the other focuses on positions at government institutions. There are also recruitment agencies that specialize in the ICT sector. ICT recruitment requires knowledge of the market segment. ICT appears to be a narrow market segment. However, this is not the case. The ICT world is very wide. Systems, networks, applications, databases, software development etc. Within each ICT subdomain there are hundreds of different types of IT vacancies. Each with their own jargon. The employees of these recruitment agencies have excellent knowledge of the industry for which candidates are being sought and therefore know exactly what a certain company needs.

When I engage with a recruitment agency, I lose control of who will work for my organization

You do outsource the search for new employees, but that does not mean that you no longer have any influence on it. You are the client, so you always decide what kind of person the recruitment agency should look for. When giving the assignment you can clearly indicate what kind of person you are looking for, what his or her skills should be, but also what character traits you are looking for. For example, it is very important that a new employee fits the company, connects to the rest of the team and feels comfortable in your working atmosphere. A good recruitment agency keeps you (if you wish) constantly informed of the process.

Recruitment agencies only aim for quick profit and only make efforts in the short term

This all depends on which recruitment agency you work with. When you have found a good agency, with which you eventually have built a relationship of trust, they will do everything to find the best candidate for you. No matter how difficult it is and how long it takes. Of course, there are also recruitment agencies that are hard on the targets and will stop if they have not found anyone after 3 weeks of searching. Do good research in advance and discuss these issues when you contact a recruitment agency to work together.

Hiring a recruitment agency is far too expensive for my company

Of course, hiring a recruitment agency costs money, but recruiting candidates yourself is certainly not cheap. To make your vacancy clearly visible, it is wise to place it on various vacancy sites. For this alone you pay an average of € 1200 for a junior position. When your company regularly hires people, these costs rise rapidly above € 6,000 per year. In addition, you have to spend a lot of time recruiting yourself, so you are not able to make the desired profit for your company at the same time. When you outsource the recruitment of new staff, you have that time to focus on your business. In the end, that will only pay off. Again, look and compare. One agency asks more than the other, but in many cases the more expensive agencies are also the better agencies and ultimately deliver faster and better candidates.

Are you ready to work with a recruitment agency? We would like to work with you! Take a look at how we work and what we have to offer or contact us directly to see what we can do for you.

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