Recruitment agency - the golden rules

Between job sites and personal networking, there is more you can do to find a new job. By enlisting the help of a recruitment agency you open up a world of possibilities. But how do you choose the right recruitment agency that is not only tuned into the Dutch job market but also to your personal needs as an expat. In this article we’ll tell you all about it.

What can they do for me?

A recruitment agency tends to cover multiple industries which means there’s a whole range of vacancies to pick from all conveniently collected in one place. Looking for something more specific? There are also many agencies who specialise in specific industries such as finance, tech, engineering and more. And the best part? They take on vacancies from all over the Netherlands. So with the help of a recruitment agency you can explore job opportunities in big cities like Amsterdam, Utrecht, The Hague and Rotterdam, but also find a spot in a village near you.

One of the main reasons many newcomers take the employment agency route is for the speed and convenience. On top of that, agencies offer experience with the regulations of Dutch work permits and they have valuable professional contact they can tap into. Perfect if you’re just starting out or having trouble finding a suitable vacancy.

Who are recruitment agencies for?

You might be wondering who recruitment agencies are exactly for, and the short answer is: anyone looking for a job. Recruitment can be a great help in getting hired, especially when you’re chasing more senior positions or if you’re just starting out in a new country or work environment.

Agencies work on behalf of employers to advertise their job vacancies, assess applications, shortlist suitable candidates and conduct initial interviews. In other words, they are a direct link to your future employer. Due to their close knit relationship with the organisation they’re able to chase tardy employers in a way that a direct applicant often can’t get away with, and if they’ve worked with an employer in the past, they can have a good feel for what the employer is looking for.

Working with a recruitment agency: the golden rules

A recruitment agency can help to match your skills, experience and work interests with suitable job opportunities. If you establish a good relationship with your recruitment consultant they will be eager to place you in roles that will work well for you and their client.

Below you can find some golden rules to remember once you decide to work with a recruitment agency.

  • Ensure you have an up-to-date CV (in English) which reflects your skills, education, work experience, and personal profile. Your CV should be concise and relevant to the role you are looking for.

  • Get to know your recruitment consultant. Recruitment agencies benefit from having candidates who they can trust. If you show them you are serious about finding work, they will be keen to find out what you have to offer and what you are hoping for so that they can provide you with a strong match.

  • Check in. Another way you can show the recruitment agency that you’re serious about finding a job is by checking in. Make sure you follow up if you didn’t hear from them within 3-5 working days.

  • Always be ready to attend interviews but also try to be patient while the agency searches for the right job.

  • Be professional! Keep the agency informed of any personal developments which might affect the work they are doing on your behalf. They are putting a lot of time and effort in providing you with the perfect job, you should extend that same courtesy.

But, which one?

You’ve decided to sign up with a recruitment agency. Luckily there are many to choose from, which probably creates the question: which one should I choose? We might be a bit biased, but in our eyes there’s only one answer to that question. Undutchables of course! At Undutchables we have a proven track record in international job matching and placement. We help both starters and executive candidates, fluent in languages other than Dutch, advance their careers in the Netherlands.

Are you looking to further your career and start working in the Netherlands? Have a look at our vacancies and register here. We will be happy to help you find your dream job.

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