St.Patrick's Day: The tale of the Leprechauns

Let us tell you a tale about the mystical beings called leprechauns. But before we unravel these secrets, you should know the history of the national holiday called St. Patrick’s day. The history of this celebration dates back to the 17th century and commemorates Saint Patrick, the foremost patron saint of Ireland. Feasts are held in celebration of this day and just like in the earlier centuries it is widely celebrated with a lot of beer, public parades and festivals and involves, people dressing in green, shamrocks, and as Leprechauns. But who or what are these so called Leprechauns, and what is this secret that they keep from the outside world?

The Leprechaun is said to be a mythical creature from Irish folklore. They are typically described as short, red-haired faeries dressed entirely in green suits with often a clover accent. It is believed by many that leprechauns are mischievous beings, “practical jokers” one may add. Legend has it that if captured by a human, they often grant 3 wishes in exchange for their freedom. But be aware not to get tricked into asking for a fourth, or else you will lose them all! Get to the end of the rainbow, and there is where you will find your leprechaun protecting its pot of gold.

And there you have it. Now you too know the secret of the Leprechauns. What will you be doing this year for St.Patrick’s day?

And an Irish toast for the festivities to come:

- Here's to a long life and a merry one.

- A quick death and an easy one.

- A pretty girl and an honest one.

- A cold beer and another one!

Happy St.Patrick's Day!

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