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St. Patrick's Day

Categorie: Cultural

National  holidays are present in every country in the world. Numerous countries even have multiple national holidays that they celebrate throughout the year. However, there are few national holidays that have crossed borders and are celebrated everywhere in the world like St. Patrick’s day. 

St. Patrick’s day or the Feast of Saint Patrick is a celebration in honor of the patron saint of Ireland. In Ireland itself it involves different procession through different villages and cities, usually followed by a trip to the local pub to continue the festivities.

Which brings us to Irelands greatest export; the Irish pub. Irish pubs are to be found all over the world, from Tanzania to Peru and the Netherlands to Australia, one will always be able to find an Irish pub for a pint of Guinness  and whatever comes near to an Irish stew that they offer. For a country that also brought us literature, music and art it would seem that the Irish are synonymous to good times and late nights.

Whereas the St. Patrick’s day processions might be limited to Ireland and certain bigger cities in the US, the 17th of March is definitely seen as a day to meet friends in a bar or pub across the world. Do not be surprised when entering the pub to see grown men dressed in leprechaun outfits with orange wigs.  Ireland might only count 4.5 million inhabitants but on the 17th of March it seems that half the world population becomes Irish and searches for a pot of gold in the form of a pint of beer on that day. Therefore, on behalf of the entire Undutchables team, we would like to wish you a great St. Patrick’s day wherever you are!


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