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The clog nation

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What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the Netherlands? Is it the wide variety of cheese? Or maybe the colorful tulips? What about the scenic windmills?

The truth is, an ancient symbol of this nation that is oh so Dutch is their famous wooden shoes. It is still under debate whether these wooden shoes originated from France or the Netherlands. Nevertheless, the Dutch held tight to them, and made them their own. Despite the fact that these wooden shoes, or clogs, are not widely worn anymore in the Netherlands, the majority still believe that it is part of the Dutch’s everyday attire. This used to be the case many years ago. Clogs were crafted out of wood and worn by peasants, both males and females. The coverage and protection provided were perfect for people working in mining, farming and construction. And who can forget the Dutch climate. The clogs were practical especially in the countryside where the ground tended to get soggy due to the long periods of rainfall. The oldest clog was found in Rotterdam and dates back to the 13th century. It is exhibited in the collection of the Rotterdam museum . Nowadays, with a modernized Holland, the demand for clogs declined. I mean, who wants to walk on wooden shoes anyways when there is the promise of “walking on clouds”. The latter definitely sounds more appealing.

Nevertheless, even with the downfall of this antique shoe, they are still widely sold in the Netherlands. They are no longer popular amongst the people living in the countryside but amongst tourist visiting the Netherlands wanting a typical Dutch souvenir. Nowadays the klompen come in different shapes and sizes. Are you thinking of a specific pattern or color combination, or maybe a Dutch design? They probably have that. Do you have a gala event you need to attend? You are covered! They have klompen with high heels. Want a picture in a giant clog? Not a problem! The Clog possibilities are endless here in the Netherlands. Let’s take it to the next level, a clog shaped house? You’re probably thinking, ”Now hold on, you are pushing the envelope”. Well guess again. In the Veenpark there is a life sized klompen house , a tourist attraction in Holland. Ok, maybe it is not an actual house where people live in, but a house nonetheless.

It won’t happen often that you see a Dutch person wearing a clog, but in essence we are surrounded by them!

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