The Value of Learning in the Workplace

The importance of learning in the workplace cannot be overemphasized. It paves the way for you in any position you find yourself at your workplace. Learning has taken a new dimension; the business world has ditched the book and pen method for a new learning method where you learn everything on the go.

There are various platforms where you can learn at your disposal, and also the rise of user-friendly learning management systems (LMS) has boosted the learning sphere where you can easily learn.

What Is Learning In The Workplace?

Learning is a process that expands your skillset. It could be formal or informal and can be in the form of continuous education at college or development courses. Continuous learning could be a Master's degree or doctorate degree. On the other hand, development courses could be any related course to your office work like project management programs, data analytics, data science, safety courses, and the likes.

Informal and Formal Learning

Informal learning is the most common in the workplace where new talent is placed under probation to learn under a senior colleague, all the skills gathered during those periods could be tagged informal learning. It could be the company’s traditional way of arranging files or attending to customers.

Formal learning is when you decide at your own convenience to boost your CV and place yourself in a better position for promotion, pay rise, and better offers. Courses like leadership training, marketing and social media, computer programming, and web development, amongst others.

Why Is Learning In The Workplace Important?

There are countless values for learning in the workplace, but briefly, investment in learning pays the highest return on investment. If you invest a token in picking up an online course and master it perfectly, it will pay you in multiple folds when you start utilizing the skill.

1. Improved Work Performance

Learning in the workplace does more good than harm; I mentioned harm because the family time and over time you did while learning the course could have affected family life or altered your work rate, which might lead to queries, but once you’ve mastered the skill and started applying it your work rate goes beyond normal.

If you’re the type that has a score of 70 as a work rate, completing the relevant online course can boost it to 99, which increases your confidence to lead a team on a project and boost your pay.

2. Improved Morale

Sometimes, you feel intimidated at work when your colleagues speak and contribute during meetings. You also feel intimidated when they volunteer to lead a team for a new project because they have the required skill.

Learning in the workplace grants you the morale you need to challenge them for the betterment of the company. You have the morale to speak and contribute to the company's progress and make your actions seen by the management.

3. Skill Improvement

It is evident that no man is an island of knowledge; this is primarily why you need to learn in the workplace. In order to gain new skills and improve the existing ones you should engage in training that will benefit you and your team long-term. For instance, a certificate in a project management program can boost your skillset as a leading manager on a big project. Learning helps you tackle weaknesses and boost your skills beyond your imagination.

Your skill will also help the team overcome any challenges faced during the project; you can be summoned whenever any team member reaches a roadblock, and you, as the skilled team leader, have the experience to provide a solution or an alternative solution to the roadblock.

4. Unlimited Offers

With your certified skills, you will have unlimited offers from top companies that need your skills, and your company, seeing this, wouldn’t want to lose a competent employee. Learning in the workplace can easily make you double your income.

Studies have also shown that employees with certifications earn more than their colleagues without any certified skills.


According to a popular saying, “ the very moment we stop learning is the moment we start dying gradually.” Learning is the primary reason why you were enrolled in school; learning is the primary reason you were accepted to work in the company; the probation period is a tradition amongst companies, and if you don’t learn on the job, you could lose the job.

There are several reasons to learn in the workplace, and a few of such reasons is that it will improve your confidence and boost your morale. Lastly, learning can help you to double your income without running two jobs.

About the Author:

Emily Martin is a Corporate Recruiter with more than 5 years of recruiting and HR experience. Currently supports full life-cycle recruiting, including proactive candidate searches, and interviewing. In her role, Emily assists in developing sourcing strategies for both short and long-term purposes, coordinates interviews and conducts candidate screening calls, and places candidates in positions across a wide range of functional areas and compensation levels. Emily is passionate about traveling and writing.

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