Tips on reaching your professional goals

Are you full of ideas but struggle to see them through? Do you know what you want but often get stuck on the path to achieving your goals? Worry not! In this article we will give you a few tips on how to achieve your goals.

What exactly is your goal?
You might think “well this is a given” but be specific about your goal. What exactly do you want to achieve? And why? When will you be satisfied? Also take a moment and check with yourself if there is an intrinsic motivation guiding this goal. Or are you doing it for someone else - To fit in with a certain trend? Make sure that this is clear. Formulate the answer to these types of questions in your mind and then write them down on paper. Because only then do your dreams come to life.

Is this goal right for you?
You can’t reach your goals if you yourself don’t fully stand behind them, if they don't interest you. It's that simple. Our tip: look at the world around you! What are things that interest you? Give it your own twist. If you focus on the things you love, it will be easier to achieve those goals. Turn mundane or boring chores into challenges. Challenges you enjoy. Only then will you be truly motivated to achieve your goal.

Okay, so the motivation is there. But still you are having difficulties reaching the set goals. What could be the problem? Often it is not a lack of motivation, but it comes down to a fear of failure. In that case there is a lack of confidence. Trust in yourself, in someone else or perhaps in a situation. Do you suffer from "performance anxiety"? Then remember this: growth is a process of trial and error. As long as you get up just one time more than the number of falls. Keep trying until you succeed! When failure is not a fear, reaching your goal suddenly becomes a lot easier. Think in terms of possibilities, not problems. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, so go for it!

Be realistic
Having ambition is good. Great even! But if your goals are not attainable, they will hold you back. Before you get started, make sure your goals are realistic. Have you ever tried it? Why didn't it work at the time? How can you approach it differently? Ask your peers to think along with you and do not set your bar too high. You achieve more if you have an objective that is achievable.

Plan mid-term goals
Speaking of realistic. Setting a goal is good of course, but it is only the first step towards completing your goal. How are you going to get there? By dividing your ultimate goal into small mid-term goals with clear end-dates. Each mid-term goal achieved is a motivation to continue onto the next one. Small missteps in this case are not a big issue. You have your mid-term goal in mind, and you know which steps you need to take to succeed. Time to make your goals S.M.A.R.T.

Good focus
In an ideal world you would have all the time to work on and achieve your goals. The truth of the matter is that distractions are everywhere. Especially when you are ambitious and want to tackle multiple projects at the same time. So, make sure that you don’t lose focus. Choose one concrete goal at a time. This will increase your chances of reaching your goal.

Celebrate success
Okay. This goal has been achieved, on to the next. STOP! Don't go straight to work on your next goal. Take this moment in and Celebrate the success! Otherwise you will not recognize the hard work that you put into achieving your goal. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done!

To summarize, make sure you set a very clear goal for yourself. And do what really Motivates and challenges you. The goal must of course be achievable. In addition, you should not have too many goals at the same time. Make a step-by-step plan with mid-term goals and - most importantly - celebrate your successes!

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