Top Reasons Why Happy Employees Create Happy Customers

While most businesses excel at focusing on customer satisfaction, many fail to consider the level of satisfaction among their employees. The happiness, or lack thereof, of your workers can be a determining factor in your success as a business. The happier your employees are, the more engaged they are at work. Research shows that businesses with highly engaged teams are 21% more profitable. Happier employees also provide better customer service which can lead to happier customers.

Despite the advantages of having happier employees, very few businesses prioritize or even consider employee satisfaction. In this article, we’ll explore the various positive effects of happy employees.

Happy Employees Develop More Genuine Connections With Customers

Workers who are happier at work are more likely to show up as their best self in front of customers. This likely means they’ll smile more genuinely, greet customers warmly, and treat others with more kindness. As humans, we naturally gravitate towards individuals who display these traits. All of these qualities in an employee fosters a genuine connection with customers.

“Think about the last time you had an authentic conversation as a customer with an employee,” suggests Alma Rodrigues, a business writer at Draftbeyond. “Whether it was because they asked you about your day or they found something you had in common, you probably felt more inclined to become a return customer because of that one employee.”

Happy Employees Are Likely To Act In The Company’s Best Interest

Employees who are happy with their work are more likely to act in the company’s best interest. It’s usually quite easy for customers to differentiate the workers who love their job from those who simply show up to earn a living. Employees who love the work that they do want the business to succeed so they can continue working there. Their actions will often reflect this whether it be through exceeding customer expectations or advocating for the company’s products and services.

Happiness Sparks Greater Creativity

A Harvard study found that happiness can be conducive to more creative breakthroughs. This means that happier employees are more likely to be creative at work. Creative employees can find clever and resourceful solutions to any problems that arise at work. When interacting with customers, happier employees are more likely to come up with creative solutions to a customer complaint or issue.

The ability to think creatively can also generate new ideas to improve processes or boost productivity at work. Creativity is a frequently underestimated yet powerful force in the workplace. By prioritizing the happiness of your employees, you can tap into creativity’s potential as a business.

Happy Employees Reduce Costs For The Business

It probably goes without saying but employees who are satisfied at work are less likely to leave. A study by Columbia University found an inverse relationship between employee turnover and job satisfaction. By ensuring your employees are happy, you can save money as a business on turnover.

“Although many businesses falsely assume that workers leave their jobs for more money elsewhere, this is usually not the case,” explains Cary West, a project manager at Writinity and Researchpapersuk. “In many cases, workers quit due to poor job satisfaction either as a result of their boss or the work environment.”

Happy employees are also less likely to fake being sick in order to get away from work. By simply keeping their workers happy, businesses can reduce wasted resources.

Happier Employees Are More Knowledgeable

Since happy employees are more likely to stay longer with the business, they are able to accrue an impressive amount of knowledge and expertise over time. These knowledgeable and experienced workers are normally better equipped to handle customer queries than their newer coworkers. As a result, happy and experienced employees are invaluable to businesses.

Happy Employees Strengthen Customer Relationships

If you’re a frequent customer anywhere with strong customer service, chances are at least one employee knows your name. They likely know your order and preferences as well. This amazing level of personalization is only possible with happy employees who care about their customers. Unsatisfied employees have no interest in getting to know customers and developing a strong long-term relationship with them.


Hopefully, after reading about the numerous benefits of having a happy employee, you feel more incentivized as a business to prioritize employee satisfaction. Happier employees not only lead to happier customers, but they can also improve productivity, save the company money, and drive your success as a business. At the end of the day, happier employees create happier businesses as well.

Jenny Williams is a business development manager and writer at Case Study Writing Service and Assignment Help. She also writes about effective management advice and more for Gum Essays service blog.

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