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If you are looking to make the most of your time in the innovative city of Eindhoven, then look no further. Eindhoven, with its thriving industry and friendly Brabant atmosphere, has a lot to offer. It is the fifth largest city and municipality of the Netherlands and is known as ‘the city of light’ thanks to the tech giant Philips founding their first lightbulb factory in Eindhoven in 1891. The foundation of Philips led to a major growth boom in the city and the surrounding area, and the momentum continues to this day. The city is also still characterized for its innovative nature so you will find lots of interesting companies and modern cultural experiences in Eindhoven. In this guide, we'll take you through some fantastic places and experiences to help you get acquainted with the city.


Tourist information: The best place to start if you need more information about the city, what to visit and more, is the tourist information center (VVV) of Eindhoven. They can help you find anything you are looking for from museums, to restaurants, to the best tips from the locals themselves.

Strijp-S: This cool neighborhood has become the place-to-be in Eindhoven. In the past it was only accessible to Philips employees, but in recent years it has turned into a thriving area to explore or for a great evening out. Many of the old factories have now been transformed into restaurants, creative workspaces, and shops.

Fun fact: Het Klokgebouw was the first factory to be repurposed and now it serves as a pop podium and event hall. We also recommend visiting Vershal het Veem while you are at Strijp-S. This spot houses a lot of specialty shops and events such as the FeelGood market, dance events, culinary workshops, and even an Albert Heijn. If you want to learn even more about the origins of Strijp-S then schedule a tour and find out all there is to do and see at Strijp-S.

Art in the park: Art is very important to the city and can be seen everywhere in Eindhoven. There are more than 30 art pieces to be seen in the city park alone. The architecture of Eindhoven is also a real show stopper. In total there are over 150 national monuments in and around the city and over 300 provincial monuments.

Philips Stadium: The Philips Stadium has been home to the PSV Eindhoven football team since 1910. It has 35.000 seats and is right in the city center, which makes it both unique and a central cultural point that you will not want to miss when visiting Eindhoven. You might even want to don the red and white fan merchandise and catch a match! is pretty cool considering that usually stadiums are on the outskirts.

Philips Museum: Philips has had a huge influence on Eindhoven since they started in 1891. Many of the neighborhoods, celebrations, and even long-standing residents have origins that tie back to Philips. So, what would make more sense than learning more about the company and their history while in Eindhoven. Check out the Philips museum to learn about everything “from the lightbulb to innovative health care”.

Van Abbemuseum: Another great museum to check out in Eindhoven is the Van Abbemuseum. This is a contemporary art museum with a focus on making visitors think and challenge their perspective on art and the world around them. With a large collection, plus interesting rotating exhibits this is a museum you can return to again and again.

GLOW Eindhoven: Eindhoven has not forgotten its history and reputation for being ‘the city of light’. Keeping this fact near and dear to their hearts, they host the famous ‘Glow festival’ every year. It is a week in November when a big part of the city lights up at night with light art and light shows displayed all over the city, including on the church. It is really a beautiful sight and definitely worth a visit.

Dutch Design Week: Every October, Eindhoven hosts the biggest design event in Northen Europe. Their focus is “the design of the future, and the future of design”. Hundreds of designers from all different disciplines set up exhibits, presentations, collaborations, and events throughout Eindhoven. This dynamic event takes place in multiple locations and allows designers from different areas to come together and innovate for the future. And the best part is that you don’t have to be a designer to enjoy the exciting program. Check out the DDW website for more information and dates of the event.

This is Eindhoven: There is tons to do in Eindhoven, so much that we cannot possibly include everything in one blog. So, if you are looking for more museums, events, or historical sites then check out This is Eindhoven. They also have recommendations for restaurants, festivals, activities, and more, so you will definitely not be bored the next time you visit Eindhoven.

For Fun:

Pub Quiz: Every week Café Restaurant Carrousel hosts an International Quiz Night. The quiz is hosted in English and covers a grab bag of topics, so get a team together and enjoy. Looking for other pub quizzes? Check out more options here.

Parktheater: Is theatre your thing? Situated near the city park in Eindhoven is The ‘Parktheater’. With more than 400 performances per year and covering everything from ballet to comedy, this lovely theater is visited by thousands every year.

Fun evening activities: Are you in the mood for a fun evening out on the town? Here are some fun places to check out:

  • Bounce valley – A great way to get moving and show off all your parkour moves. They have plenty of obstacle courses and trampolines to entertain young and old alike.
  • Gamestate – Get ready for a good old arcade date. With tons of games and activities you will be sure to enjoy an evening full of competition and fun.
  • Laserquest Eindhoven – In the mood for some laser tag? Then Laserquest Eindhoven is the place to be. With tons of different indoor and outdoor missions to book, the laser games can go on forever.
  • Mega Bowling Eindhoven -This bowling alley in Eindhoven is the largest bowling alley of the Netherlands with 33 lanes. Reserve your ‘puntzak bowlen’ slot for an enjoyable evening filled with fries and bowling, for a great price.

Nice places to get a drink or dine out:

Next to the many events organized in Eindhoven, the city offers quite a few spots to sit down and grab a bite or drink. Stratumseind is the entertainment district of Eindhoven. Known as the longest ‘pub’ street in the Netherlands, there is something for everyone. Aside from the many pubs, the street also offers a wide range of café’s and restaurants to choose from. Here are some of our team members’ favorite places to grab a drink or a bite:

Coffeelab: This is a nice café, located at the Central Station. It is very cute and they have working spaces, so you can settle in and enjoy a break from home or the office for a while. You can get a coffee, maybe something small to eat, and work or study to your heart’s content.

Down Town Gourmet Market: This is a gourmet market with many different restaurants offering all sorts of international cuisines. Located in the center of Eindhoven, this type of ‘food hall’ is described as an eclectic eating and gathering sanctuary. You can get a table and order from any of the different restaurant that are there. You can either use the QR code and choose a restaurant (or multiple) and order to your table, or just take a walk around the market and get different food from each restaurant.

For a more traditional dining out experience you will want to check out Brasserie Bellevue, Le Cozy, El Puente, and Trattoria Mangiare. You might also enjoy the Kreeftenbar, which specializes in sea food and has a lot of variety, or Veera, which is a great spot to enjoy delicious Indian food.

Plus, if you are a lover of Asian food then you are in luck, because there are a lot of great options in Eindhoven. For instance, you can enjoy delicious Korean BBQ at K Town, tasty Japanese sushi at Mojo Sushi, exciting cocktails and flavors at the Man Nam Bar, and even more scrumptious dishes at the Soju Bar, Korean Soul Food, and Takumi Ramen.

Some other nice options to eat out but not break the bank are Happy Italy, where they serve Italian pizza and pastas, or Dadawan, which focuses more on Asian-inspired cuisine.

Is going out for drinks more your style? Then you should certainly try Bobby’s Bar, L'Avenue Vin & Cuisine (which is also a restaurant, in case you do end up getting hungry), or The Little One Speakeasy Bar. Plus, check out Stratumseind or the Strijp-S area for countless other great little pubs.

And last but definitely not least, on the list of things to do in Eindhoven:

Don't forget to visit our Undutchables Eindhoven Office! We would love to say hi, so make sure to visit our Undutchables office conveniently located 5 minutes from the Central Station in Eindhoven. Our team is always ready to assist you with your job search and offer guidance on living and working in the Eindhoven region.

These are just a few highlights to get you started on your Eindhoven adventure. The city has so much more to offer, from its diverse dining scene to its monuments, history, and unique events. Whether you're here for work or leisure, Eindhoven has something for everyone. Enjoy your time in this wonderful city!

Are you interested in working and living in the innovative and bright city of Eindhoven? Check out our available vacancies or reach out to our Eindhoven team to find out more.

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