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Undutchables in the city - Eindhoven

We covered a few cities in the Netherlands. This time we will be giving you some insider tips about Eindhoven. Aside from the Undutchables location in Eindhoven, this city has a lot to offer. Eindhoven is the fifth largest city and municipality of the Netherlands. Eindhoven is also known as ‘the city of light’. In 1981, the tech giant Philips founded their first light bulb factory in Eindhoven, which led to the city experiencing a major boom from then on. The city is still characterized for its innovative nature. Keeping this fact near and dear to their hearts, they host every year the famous ‘Glow festival’. It is a week in November when a big part of the city lights up by night. It is really a beautiful sight and definitely worth a visit. In October, Eindhoven also organizes the Dutch Design week. It is the biggest design event in Northern Europe and presents work and ideas of many designers.

Glow Mieke Beerlage Undutchables

Places to eat/ drink

Next to the many events organized in Eindhoven, the city offers quite a few spots to sit down and grab a bite or drink. A great place to visit is ‘Down Town Gourmet Market’. Located in the center of Eindhoven, this type of ‘food hall’ is described as an eclectic eating and gathering sanctuary. Stratumseind is the entertainment district of Eindhoven. Known as the longest ‘pub’ street in the Netherlands, there is something for everyone. Aside from the many pubs, the street also offers a wide range of café’s and restaurants to choose from.

Strijp S

In the past only accessible to Philips employees, this district has flourished to the place-to-be it is today. Many of the old factories have now been transformed into restaurants, creative workspaces, shops etc. Het Klokgebouw was the first factory to be repurposed and now it serves as a pop podium and event hall in Strijp S.

If you are visiting Strijp S, we recommend going to Vershal het Veem. This spot houses a lot of specialty shops and events such as the feel-good market, dance events and culinary workshops. As of the 18th of April, of this year, they also opened an Albert Heijn in the Vershal.

What else?

The architecture of Eindhoven is also a real show stopper. In total there are 140 national monuments in the city. Art is also very important to the city and can be seen everywhere in Eindhoven. There are more than 30 artworks to be seen in the city park. More of a museum aficionado? Eindhoven also has this in abundance. Is theatre your thing? One of the biggest theatres in the Netherlands is located in Eindhoven. The ‘Parktheater’ located near the park city is visited by thousands ever year.

Fun fact: The bowling centrum in Eindhoven is the largest bowling alley of the Netherlands counting 33 lanes.


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