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Undutchables in the city - Utrecht

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Walk down any given street in the center of Utrecht on a Friday between 12:30 and 13:30 and you will most likely hear the latest pop song being played by the church bells. The Dom tower is the most famous landmark in Utrecht and the church bells offer a charming rendition of modern music on Fridays for passersby. However, there is more to this medieval city than meets the eye. When one walks across the Oudegracht, the most famous shopping street in Utrecht right next to the canal, you will come across numerous shops, restaurants, galleries and bars. Our Undutchables office in Utrecht is located just behind the Dom tower and our team in Utrecht was glad to share their favorite places in the city.

A favorite weekend stop for lunch is Broei, a vegetarian restaurant on the Oosterkade. The menu changes frequently and they only use organic produce for their recipes. Another lunch spot favored by our team is Kimmade. Kimmade is a small Vietnamese restaurant in the city center. The restaurant offers excellent rice rolls and banh xeo which are served by friendly staff. If you are craving a cup of coffee and a pastry we recommend stopping by Carla’s. Carla’s is a small Swedish inspired café just three doors down from the Undutchables office in Utrecht and a firm favorite whenever there is a craving for cinnamon rolls.

After Carla’s you might want to pop in next door to Petit Clos. Petit Clos is a wine house and is a favorite of the Undutchables personnel in Utrecht whenever one needs a nice bottle of wine to bring back home for the weekend. Petit Clos offers a great variety of wines and the personnel is always available for advice. When leaving Petit Clos do not forget to visit the Undutchables office, which is only 2 doors down from the wine house, and say hello to our Utrecht team.

If you are in Utrecht for some shopping it is worth visiting Keck&Lisa. This lovely shop, located near the Mariaplaats, offers gift possibilities for anyone. From handmade mugs to agenda’s to garden tools. If you are looking for a quirky cute gift, then this is the place for you. Furthermore, if unique products is what you are looking for, and if you want to visit a shop with slightly more exclusive brands we would advise you to visit Revenge. Revenge started out as Utrecht’s first concept store but has a permanent location in the city center now. The shop offers a diverse range of brands and clothing.

Utrecht is certainly not lacking in cultural opportunities and there are events and festivals throughout the year. If you are in Utrecht around in the spring it is definitely worth visiting the Café Theater Festival. The dates of the festival fluctuate every year so it is certainly advisable to look on their website. The Café Theater Festival focuses on performance arts. The unique aspect of this festival is that it is spread throughout Utrecht. Affiliating café’s and restaurants will fill up with an audience who can then watch a live performance in the café or restaurant. A route is created each year with all the affiliated venues so as to ensure that you see all the acts that are offered. You can find this route on their website. If you are planning on living in the city it might be worth your time to sign up for a course at Parnassos. This cultural institute is located in the city center and offers a wide variation of courses such as painting, drama, singing etc. They have courses throughout the year and summer courses during the months of July and August. For any movie lovers in Utrecht the Louis Hartlooper Complex is a nice choice. This cinema is situated in a beautiful building from the 1920’s and offers a wide range of movie options.

We hope this short list of places to visit will get you on your way to discovering the city. Utrecht has numerous other restaurants, café’s, cinema’s, festivals etc. and we look forward to hearing about any favorite spots you have in the city!


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