Boost your CV: 5 interesting volunteer spots for expats

There are many benefits to volunteering. It's good for your CV, you develop your language skills, you get to know new people, you learn about prominent issues and of course you can make a significant impact on society. No idea what to do or where to look? We share some suggestions of volunteer spots with you.

1. Help at the food bank

More than 1 million people in the Netherlands live below the poverty line. No one needs to be hungry when there is food surplus. That is good for people and the environment. The volunteers at the food banks hand out food every week to people who need it temporarily. Food banks The Netherlands is the umbrella organization for 172 food banks and 10 distribution centers. So there is always a food bank somewhere nearby where you can contribute.

2. Walk, cycle, play bingo or cook with the elderly

The elderly in the Netherlands are often lonely and have little or nothing to do most of the times. You can make them very happy if you take them for a walk or a bike ride with a duo bike. You can also keep them company by playing a game of bingo or cooking with or for them and having a nice meal together.

3. Become a board member of a foundation

Are you looking for something a bit more challenging and do you also want to use your qualities during volunteer work? Then you can choose to become a member of a foundation. Many foundations pursue a social or civic purpose. Examples are stimulating sports among young people or creating environmental awareness. A foundation almost always consists of volunteers and therefore volunteer vacancies are regularly available.

4. Go gardening in a park, a communal vegetable garden or a garden of an association

Would you like to be outside, do you enjoy gardening or do you just want to do some relaxing work? Then go gardening together with other volunteers. In this way you are good to yourself, you get to know new people in a fun way and you do something good for nature and society.

5. Make mouth masks in the fight against corona

In this day and age it is important that everyone has a number of mouth masks. Preferably washable, of course, which is kinder to nature. But not every family, organization or nursing home has a budget to provide everyone with sufficient mouth masks. For that reason, various volunteer organizations have started making mouth masks. More than 35,000 masks have now been made voluntarily and will certainly increase.

The above are some examples of volunteer spots. But also keep a close eye on (local) volunteer organizations, such as Volunteer The Hague, VCA, Volunteering Utrecht and NL Cares. And can you use some help yourself to master the Dutch language? Then use a voluntary language coach. You can also register for this with the various volunteer organizations. Happy volunteering!

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