Working from home: 5 tips on managing your wellbeing

In these unusual times when many of us are advised to work from home it can be hard to keep up with your motivation and your wellbeing. Being in a new country will add to these challenges as you’re already social distancing from your friends and family. It doesn’t matter if you are used to working remotely or if this is completely new to you, mastering the art of self leadership isn’t as easy as one might think.

There are 5 tips on how to manage your mental and physical wellbeing when working from home :

Stick to daily routines

Dial into your daily routine even when you’re working from home. Set your alarm clock and get up at the same time every morning and try having your breakfast and lunch at regular times throughout the day. Regular sleep is vital for our mental health and for our concentration, productivity and performance, so skip those late-night Netflix binging in favour of getting to bed at a decent time every night.

Morning commute

For most of us, social distancing doesn’t necessarily rule out the possibility of any outdoor activities. Get dresses and take the morning commute even if you are working from home. Starting the day with a walk in the fresh air does wonders to our mental well being. Do the same thing by the end of the day. This will help to finish off your workday mentally by leaving the “office” and walking home.

Staying in touch

Finding yourself social distancing in a new country will add to the challenge of being away from your family and friends. Social interaction plays a major part in our mental wellbeing so try and keep in contact with your loved ones even more during these times. Call them while on your daily commute to and from “work” if the time difference allows, or have a virtual dinner date with them.

Keeping positive

Let’s be realistic, we won’t jump out of bed every morning. Some mornings we feel like not getting out of bed at all. And that’s ok. What is important is sticking to habits that will aid us and fill the tank with positive energy. And this routine is an enjoyable one. Put aside a minimum of 5 minutes each day to something you love or makes you happy. Listen to your favourite song, watch a funny you tube clip or pet your dog. Whatever you do, treat those minutes as holy because this release the happy hormones in our system.

It’s all about movement

Working from home make us more sedentary as we don’t have microbreaks throughout the day. Those breaks that we might not even considered as breaks; the walk to the coffee machine, leaving the office for lunch or walking over to your colleagues’ desk. After every hour spent sitting in front the computer, get up and do some stretches or mobility exercises to get the blood and brain juices flowing. Then change to sit in another position, try sitting on the floor instead or use the ironing board as an adjustable desk. Be creative!

About the Author:

Ulrika Celsing, is the Founder and CEO of Flippin Minds and an accredited coach by the International Coach Federation. After 15 years living abroad she is a returning Swede with the passion of helping individuals create their own versions of sustainable lifestyles.

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