Working in the Netherlands: 10 tips for internationals

Are you planning to move to the Netherlands? The first task to tackle is finding a job. Before signing an employment contract you would have to go through the whole application process. This includes the interview, where you can convince the hiring managers of your qualities and why they should choose you for the job.

Tip 1: Learn the Dutch language

If you found a job at a Dutch company, it will be in your best interest to know the language. Dutch people are very accommodating when they know that you don’t speak the language. But, be aware that a group of Dutch people will automatically communicate in Dutch, even in international organizations. To join and be part of the conversation we advise you to enroll in a Dutch course. It is going to take some time and effort but it will make working in the Netherlands much more inclusive.

Tip 2: Things you would need

To be able to live and work in the Netherlands there are some documentations that you will need to have. You always have to be able to identify yourself , including at your workplace. In addition, when registered as a citizen of the Netherlands you will receive your BSN-number (Social security number). You will need this number to work in the Netherlands. Your salary will be deposited on your bank account by your employer. It is therefore important to have a valid bank account. It is also possible to have your salary transferred to the bank account from the country of origin. In this case, do note that it will take longer for you to receive your wage.

Tip 3: Foreign Diplomas

An obtained foreign diploma is not automatically valid in the Netherlands. Do you want to determine the value of your diploma? Organizations such as SBB (Stichting Samenwerking Beroepsonderwijs Bedrijfsleven) or Nuffic can assist you with the credential evaluation.

Tip 4: Ask for help when looking for a job

Is the job hunt proving more difficult than expected? UWV can be a solution for this problem. This instance provides help and advice when finding a job. During an intake interview at the UWV an advisor will evaluate your current situation and suggest next steps.

Tip 5: Make sure that your CV is up to date

We can all agree that the goal of applying for a job is to get invited for an interview, and ultimately to secure the job! To maximize your chances of being invited you need to make sure that the most relevant details are included in your CV and that it is up to date. Also remember to amend your online CV on LinkedIn if needed.

Tip 6: Project confidence

When you get invited for an interview you need to be ready to sell yourself as best as possible. Being confident will automatically give you a leg up. The one way you can do so is to be prepared. Anticipate the questions that can be asked and what to expect. Familiarize yourself with the company (or role) and find common ground relating to your knowledge and experience.

Tip 7: Read your employment contract carefully

You got the job! Now what? Legals. This includes signing your employment contract. These are agreements between you and the employer. These can include; amount of vacation days and the hours you will be working a week. Read the agreements carefully before signing it. The agreements and rules in the employment contract must correspond to the rules of the Dutch laws and regulations.

Tip 8: Dress for success

Make sure that you look representable. Choose an outfit that not only suits you well, but also one that fits the corporate culture of the organization you are applying to.

Tip 9: Be on time

Haste causes stress and stress causes nerves. Make sure to leave home on time. If you are travelling by public transport, schedule your journey ahead of time and take an earlier train if necessary. This way you are certain that you will arrive on time to the job interview. Also, make sure that you have your contact person’s number. This way you can notify them immediately if you are running late.

Tip 10: Know your qualities

During an interview you will be asked about your qualities and what you have to offer. This is a given, but make sure that you know what your qualities are and how to relate them to the job opening.

We are sure that these 10 tips will help you in your job search.

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