Working with a Recruitment Agency: The different types

Are you on the hunt for the perfect candidate but are unable to find the right manpower for your vacancy? Worry not! There is still an option to consider, namely working with a recruitment agency. There are different agencies that can help you, with each their own specialties.

Employment Agency

Employment agencies know how to fulfill the demand of vacancies with the variety of job seekers that they have in their database. Thanks to their extensive knowledge of the labor market, an extensive network and countless opportunities to reach candidates, it is a no-brainer to work with an employment agency to help with your recruitment needs. Firstly, working with an employment agency is cost-effective; the employment agency takes on a large extent of the recruitment and selection process. This means that as a company you do not have to spend time going through all the steps of posting the vacancy and sifting through applicants yourself. Another plus is that you save costs that you normally would spend on placing ads and what is best is that the employment agency is the guarantor during the employee’s sick leave. The employment agency takes on the whole procedure; from the recruitment and selection process all the way to hiring the candidates.

Recruitment and Selection agency

Recruitment and selection agencies look for and recruit suitable candidates for your vacancies. They are mainly concerned with attracting, selecting and appointing suitable candidates. A recruitment and selection agency keep the client’s job requirements, but also the candidate’s wishes in mind. Before the candidate is introduced to the company, the candidate first goes through a screening process. One advantage of working with a recruitment and selection agency is that they have the right expertise in recruiting and selecting the right candidates. In addition, most agencies have a database of suitable candidates based on their CV. What’s more, the agency takes care of the administration and logistics. You just sit back, relax and when the time comes make the final decision as to which screened candidate is suitable for the position.

Secondment agency

A secondment agency ensures that temporary functions are filled. Benefits of working with a secondment agency is that their candidates are often, highly trained staff. Most of these candidates have already gained experience working at different companies, and they possess a lot of knowledge about your specific field. The difference between an employment agency and a secondment agency is therefore the duration of the work.

Recruitment agency

It might proof difficult for some companies to find a suitable candidate. Recruitment agencies have a large network, making them the right link when it comes to searching for candidates. Furthermore, candidates are screened in advance to determine whether the candidate is the right fit and has the right skills. This expeditiously increases your chances of finding the perfect candidate. The difference between a recruitment agency and an employee agency is that employee agencies often take care of the whole process of recruitment, selection and hiring. Recruitment agencies, on the other hand, are only responsible for the search for and introduction of suitable candidates. In this case, you, as company, are responsible for hiring the perfect candidate.

Undutchables Recruitment Agency is the pioneer in recruitment of international business sector personnel in the Netherlands. We recruit highly educated personnel who speak our clients’ language and understand their culture. We believe that a cultural link is important between employer and employee.

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