Writing a strong CV part 2

In Part 1 we have given you some tips about writing a strong CV already but we wanted to share a few extra tips with you.

  • First of all, make sure that your CV is no longer than 3 pages.
  • Keep the text simple. You can use colored headers, but please keep in mind that too many different colors can make your CV look crowded and unprofessional. So choose your color pallet wisely.
  • The same goes for using dark background pages on a CV. This can make a CV look chaotic. Furthermore, most HR professionals do not like seeing their ink cartridges being drained while printing out a CV.
  • When you are recently graduated and you have little work experience, it is advisable to add your education to the top of your CV as that will be more extensive than your work experience. Once you have gained work experience your education should be listed beneath your work experience.
  • We often see CV’s that use pictures of flags to show which languages the candidate speaks. Keep in mind that it can make a CV look more unstructured if it is crowded. Another point to keep in mind is that most search systems work with keywords which they pick out from CV’s. If you do not have words to describe your language knowledge but a flag, it will not be picked up by the search system. It is therefore advisable not to depict your language knowledge by using flags.
  • On the topic of pictures. It is not mandatory in the Netherlands to add a picture of your self on your CV. However, if you do choose to do so, keep in mind that it needs to look professional. There have been a few CV picture’s come our way that do not help anyone in the job application process. Please refrain from adding a picture to your CV where you are; in a bar, at a festival, wearing inappropriate attire, drinking, eating or shopping. Generally we would advise to use a picture where you look professional and have a neutral background. If you do not have any such pictures then it would be better to omit it altogether.

We hope these tips help you in improving your CV. Keep in mind that we regularly organize networking events where we often give candidates the opportunity to receive feedback on their CV. If you look on our website’s event page you can see all the upcoming events.

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